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TimesTalks: The Night Manager (2016)

April 11, 2016: 

Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie brought The Night Manager to the Directors Guild of America Theater in NYC for a TimesTalks conversation hosted by Gilbert Cruz of the New York Times. 

They were clearly prepared to be on their best worst behavior. 

The men break down their situational drama and the importance of author John Le Carre's work. Also, they discuss the impact of music with Tom recently playing Hank Williams in I Saw the Light and Hugh Laurie's long musical history. Don't forget to watch the end where Tom quotes an entire passage from Othello completely from memory!

I think they enjoyed themselves. 

You can watch the full 14 minute clip below. 

(2:10) Why did the character of Pine appeal to you? It was extraordinary to have, in Hugh, a partner as passionate, intelligent, and engaged in a story as I could've been. And very rare. There is something extraordinary and romantic about Pine. That he has the courage to do something I think many of us wouldn't have to do - which is to surrender his identity and take up another in service of a cause. Because he simply believes that it's morally right... Pine is at root, a good man by virtue of his choice. When presented with a situation many of us might choose to be inactive or might choose to pretend - to look the other way. And he doesn't..."

(6:11) The interview switched up the topic and asked Tom about playing Hank Williams. "It's so interesting because Hank is about the furthest away from me that I've ever played - or so he seemed... Hank is an American icon and he's part of the fabric of America. I truly believe that without Hank Williams the picture of American music does not look the same. In fact, the picture of world music doesn't look the same..."

(12:12) Who or what is your favorite Shakespeare play or character? "My favorite play is currently Othello. Because I've had a long sort of relationship with it. I studied it at school and I saw it many times with different casts, and I've been in it myself with Chiwetel Ejiofor... It's so genuinely tragic in it's depiction of the undoing of a truly great man and I find it so sad. But the poetry in it is breathtaking..." (Cue Tom Hiddleston reciting Act 2, Scene 1 from Othello 


This was probably the most risky outfit Tom Hiddleston has ever worn fashion wise. You either hated or loved the way he mixed different patterns with a plaid Etro suit, striped shirt, and polka dotted socks from Nice Laundry. Along with Louboutin shoes (sold out in brown). 

 The socks especially received a lot of attention. 

Coincidentally (or maybe not so much since they have the same stylist, Ilaria Urbinati) both Tom Hiddleston and Chris Evans wore these same socks, on the same day. 



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