Sunday, January 14, 2018

Early Man Premiere in London (2018)

January 14, 2018: 

Odeon Cinema in London rolled out the green carpet for the World Premiere of Early Man. This ended up being the only premiere for Early Man and just about every member of the cast and crew attended: Johnny Vegas, Peter Lord, Eddie Redmayne, Rob Byrdon, Maisie Williams, Tom Hiddleston, Nick Park, George Smith, Blake Richardson, Reece Bibby, Carla Shelley, and musical group New Hope Club. New Hope Club recorded several songs for the Early Man soundtrack

Early Man is a stop-motion comedy from Aardman about a Stone Age tribe that challenges a team from the Bronze Age to a football/soccer match in order to save their home from industrialization. Tom Hiddleston voices the villain (of course), Lord Nooth. Maisie Williams plays Goona, a Bronze Age citizen who helps the Stone Age tribe. And Eddie Redmayne plays to adorable Caveman Dug. 

A look at some of the highlights from the premiere. Tom said he signed on because the script was so funny and made him laugh out loud. *After seeing the movie I can concur that this is Tom's funniest role to date! 

Out of all the main cast - Tom spent the most amount of time meeting fans and taking pictures. 

A young blogger posted a video from inside the premiere and the after party. Even Eddie Redmayne feels that Tom has the best lines in the movie. 

***Coincidentally, exactly one year later (January 14, 2019) I am flying home from ACE Arizona and Early Man is one of the featured in-flight movies. 


This was Tom Hiddleston's first red carpet event of 2018 and he did not disappoint! Unlike his co-stars who opted for more casual, Tom Hiddleston went with a Gucci Monaco suit for the premiere. This was the end of Gucci Tom! 

Tom added some pop to his suit with some really fun Gucci accessories. This Gucci Dot tie ($200) is probably my favorite tie he's ever worn (maybe tied with the McQueen from the London Film Festival) 

Tom also debuted a new pair of glasses from Mykita


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