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London Film Festival: Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)

October 19, 2013:

Tom Hiddleston was on solo duty at the Cult Gala in association with Sight & Sound magazine for Only Lovers Left Alive at the BFI London Film Festival. Tom was the only cast member in attendance. The film at its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. Tom also featured in Exhibition by Joanna Hogg which was shown at the film festival. 

Tom talking about why the London Film Festival is so special to him: Honestly the London Film Festival is where I began, it's where I started. I was in a film called Unrelated, which is directed by Joanna Hogg, and I just came from the premiere of her third film. So it's an amazing time for me to come back to the festival that kicked it all off for me.

Tom, who plays a Vampire in Only Lovers Left Alive, talks about the cult appeal of Vampirism: Vampires to me have always been romantic, sophisticated, and there's some quality of the nighttime about them. Who we become at night is different from who we are in the day. And there's a sort of lyrical quality to it. There's an acknowledgement of that fact that we are animals with appetites. And Vampires have always seemed like a very sophisticated metaphor for that. 

Tom and producer Jeremy Thomas stuck around after the premiere for a Q&A session. (11:24) Tom is asked if it was hard to play Adam since he's naturally such an optimist: The way into it was trying to think about immortality, which is a big subject. And really trying to imagine what it would be like to live forever and how your relationship to time would change. If you had lived through so many centuries of creativity and genius alongside the people he's lived alongside with - the romantic poets, Schubert, and rock n roll. I love his wall of heroes: Einstein, and Newton, and Iggy Pop, even Rodney Dangerfield is on there. I think for Adam, as the soul of Gothic romance, the passing of time, the progression of the human spirit makes him sad. He just can't see the light. It's an interesting place to exist in. 


In a mini-break from Armani, Tom Hiddleston wore an Alexander McQueen velvet shawl collar tuxedo jacket, plus McQueen trousers and shoes to the premiere. The velvet mixed with the lighting in the photographs from the red carpet almost give Tom a real-life vampire look. The jacket was only available for wide sell in this vibrant plum - wouldn't it have been something to see Tom in this color? 


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