Wednesday, November 7, 2018

MTV After Hours: Slumber Party (2013)

November 7, 2013:

Josh Horowitz and Tom Hiddleston had a slumber party for MTV After Hours. At the end of the day Loki isn't really a bad guy, he's just a lonely guy who wasn't invited to Thor's parties. 

As with all slumber parties, pajama attire was mandatory. 

There were party games: F*ck Marry Kill, Truth or Dare, and of course a Pillow Fight. 

It's okay Thomas, we *all* would choose to marry Heimdall! 

Truth or Dare started out with a Truth. Have you ever seen Chris Hemsworth naked? Yes.... 

Followed by the Dare of All Dares. Dance for me! Tom showed us The Robot, Pop And Lock, Vogue, Gangnam Style...and The Snake Hips.

Tom said that the worst thing about slumber parties were Pillow Fights... so of course, Josh challenged him to a pillow fight and immediately regretted that decision. 

Tom later tweeted: Joshua Horowitz & I had a Slumber Party and it was as insane and foolish as you'd expect. 


Tom Hiddleston was wearing a Thor - Into The Realm of Fear shirt from Rock World East. Tom was also wearing his Nike All Day Every Day Pants and Nike+ Sportswatch. 


Josh Horowitz

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