Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Centrum Commercial (2019)

March 27, 2019: 

🎵Hey good lookin', what you got cookin'🎵 Tom Hiddleston posted a commercial for Centrum on his Weibo page for Chinese audiences. In doing so, he has joined the long list of celebrities with overseas endorsement deals. This is only the third time that he has participated in any type of marketing campaign after previously working with Jaguar and Gucci

The premise is simple, but very effective. Who wouldn't want to wake up to flirty Tom Hiddleston making them breakfast? Just an FYI tho Tom, if you're going to make me breakfast - there better be some bacon on that plate! 

How could anyone deny this face?  

Centrum offers a family of multivitamins (micronutrients) specifically tailored to meet everyone's individual needs. There are different products available for men, women, children, and those over age 55. They even offer gummies for people like me who have never mastered pill swallowing. Tom joins veteran actor, Martin Sheen, who serves as the spokesperson for Centrum Silver. 

They definitely know their target audience because in the video Tom specifically reaches for the women's multivitamin pack. 

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Tom has always had a massive following in China and throughout Asia. I know many people in the US and UK have found the ad to be strange to say the least but we have to remember that this was specifically created for Chinese audiences where the culture is very different. So, we have to look at it through their lens instead of our own. Journalist Viola Zhou did a great job of explaining why the advertisement works it's intended target group: 

  • It was posted on social media and created to be viewed on online or on a mobile device. China has more than 829 million internet users. 
  • Chinese women prefer a gentler, more romantic leading man. So the image of him cooking is very appealing. (For the record, I think all women would like to find a man who would help out around the house)
  • The salad for breakfast appeals to health conscious millennials and white collar workers - people who would most likely buy Centrum in the first place. 
  • A pin-worthy heart shaped egg. Because no one can eat a meal these days without sharing a picture of it first.
  • Tom's nickname is China is "Dou Sen" which translates to Shivering Forest. Centrum included this name in the campaign slogan, "Shiver for rainbow-like healing power." 
  • He speaks Mandarin. Because Tom Hiddleston.  


Tom's performance in Betrayal specifically ties into the commercial. He mentions that he "probably be a bit busy for the next few weeks" (doing the show obviously) and then is seen putting on the same Alexander McQueen suit that he wears during the play.