Sunday, March 26, 2017

Save The Arctic Campaign (2014)

September 23, 2014: 

More than 60 celebrities joined forces with designer Vivienne Westwood for the #SavetheArctic campaign. Each celebrity portrait was taken by photographer Andy Gotts and put on display in July 2015 at the London Waterloo underground station. All the profits from the sale of these special edition shirts go directly to Greenpeace (the shirt is still available in limited sizes). 

Some of the celebrities photographed included: 

High-Rise stars Tom Hiddleston, Luke Evans, Sienna Miller, Elisabeth Moss, and Jeremy Irons.

Olivia Colman.
Naomi Campbell.
Aidan Turner. 
George Clooney. 
Ian McKellen.
 John Hurt. 
Rita Ora. 
David Tennant. 
Julie Walters. 
Hugh Grant. 
Judi Dench. 
Simon Pegg. 
Chris Martin. 
David Gandy. 

and more. You can view all the portraits here


Andy Gotts is selling prints of the Tom Hiddleston Save the Arctic portrait to raise money for Greenpeace. Additionally, anyone who purchases a print will be entered to win the ACTUAL SHIRT Tom wore for the portrait. The prints are £100 + shipping. Please contact to order or for more information. The winner will be announced June 28th and orders shipped on June 29th! 

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