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BAFTA LA Tea Party (2017)

January 7, 2017: 

Tom Hiddleston attended the BAFTA LA Tea Party held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles. A staple in the Los Angeles awards season calendar, the BAFTA Tea Party welcomes nominees, members and guests for a uniquely elegant gathering. Theparty has a long tradition of recognizing the very best filmmaking talent. The event is an exclusive affair, limited to winners, nominees, invited guests and BAFTA Members It presented by BBC America and the GREAT Campaign which explores the Best of Britain. 

Inside the party

Tom was interviewed for several features uploaded by BAFTA. 

What Was the First Movie You Remember Seeing In a Movie Theater? The first movie I remember seeing in a movie theater was Disney's The Fox and the Hound. (It) left me weeping, uncontrollably actually. I found it incredibly sad that the fox and the hound couldn't be friends forever. But that balance has been redressed with Zootopia, where foxes and rabbits can live in the same place. That's how far we've come. 
The Fox and the Hound was originally released in theaters July 1981 when Tom was just five months so most likely he's referring to the re-release in March 1988. 

What Was Your Most Profound Experience in a Movie Theater? When I saw 'The Great Beauty' by Paolo Sorrentino - La Grande Bellezza. I saw it in a packed house in London and the whole film is really about time. And normally people rush out of the theater or cinema after the credits but after watching that film it felt like for everyone there was no point in rushing because we understood something about our lives, something about how short they are, how things are to be cherished. 

Is It Necessary for Actors to Study Acting? Part One, No. There are plenty of actors who are naturally gifted and do beautiful work so I think whatever you feel works for you. 

Is It Necessary for Actors to Study Acting? Part Two, Yes. Understanding the craft of acting helps prepare actors for new environments, new experiences. It gives you a toolkit. When you don't have inspiration or you're not inspired by something at least you have a craft that you can fall back on. I studied that craft of acting before I entered it and it's been enormously helpful to me. I have nothing to compare it to because my experience was always that I training. I studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London - at RADA - from 2002-2005. I was trained musically, I was training in Dance, I was training in stage and screen combat, I was training in genres of screenwriting and playwriting that I was not familiar with. 

Tom's portrait in The Hollywood Reporter by William Callan. 


Tom wore a burgundy Gucci three-piece with a contrast point collar shirt and geometric silk pocket square. Tom first modeled this look for the SS17 Gucci Tailoring campaign. 

This was a much more polished look than when Tom first attended the BAFTA LA Tea Party in January 2009. 


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