Sunday, October 15, 2017

Empire Awards (2017)

March 19, 2017: 

Fresh off a global press tour for Kong: Skull Island, Tom Hiddleston returned back home to London for the THREE Empire Awards. On the red carpet, Tom mentioned that he had just arrived the night before. But he still took plenty of time to meet with fans. I am still trying to found out this man's anti-jet lag secret. 

Tom had two projects nominated: High-Rise for Best British Film and The Night Manager for Best TV Series. 

High-Rise ultimately lost to I, Daniel Blake, a film that Tom described on twitter as "essential viewing". 

But The Night Manager did take home the award for Best TV Series. Tom accepted the award along with Hugh Laurie. He was sure to thank all the people involved in making the series. Hugh kept his part of the speech short and sweet by just saying "thank you very much, thank you!". 

But that wasn't all for Tom and Hugh. Mr. Laurie returned to the stage to present the Empire Hero Award to Mr. Hiddleston. "It is a great honor for Tom Hiddleston to receive this award from me". There's no specific criteria for what makes an Empire Hero. The Awards goes to people who have made a tremendous impact over the previous year. Between March 2016 and March 2017 Tom released three films (High-Rise, I Saw the Light, Kong: Skull Island), a tv show (The Night Manager), and was in production on two other films (Thor: Ragnarok and Early Man). Previous winners of this award include Stanley Tucci, Simon Pegg, Michael Fassbender, Jude Law, and the cast of Game of Thrones.  

"They say you never meet your heroes. I wouldn't be standing here if I hadn't met mine. I'm lucky to have worked with some of them. And if I haven't worked with them, I've attempted an impersonation of them on the Graham Norton Show. Thank you so much and I dedicate this to all my heroes: to Kenneth Branagh, Anthony Hopkins, Jim Jarmusch, Hugh Laurie... And lastly, thank you out there to the audience for watching. The whole point of cinema, as anyone in this room knows, is to connect to people. And thank you for letting me be part of the conversation. I am very grateful for this, sincerely, I feel very lucky to do what I do. Thank you."

Tom was his usual humble self and described the "huge honor" he felt in receiving these awards. 

The boys had a bit of fun backstage posing for Empire and in the photobooth. 


Tom Hiddleston wore a Gucci Signoria stretch wool suit (same design, different pattern), Bee jacquard oxford shirt, and Geometric tie. 

But the real MVP is Petra Sellge who somehow made Tom look this fresh even after being in four countries in less than a week. 

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