Wednesday, June 13, 2018

BAFTA Summer Party (2018)

June 13, 2018: 

Tom Hiddleston made an appearance at the BAFTA Summer Party at 195 Piccadilly in London. Contrary to twitter reports the beard was still going strong! Tom Hiddleston was there to help launch the #TakeASeat fundraising campaign for Illuminating BAFTA, of which Tom is the new Ambassador. Tom has served as an Ambassador for the British Film Institute (BFI) since 2015.

More on #TakeASeat and Illuminating BAFTA:

BAFTA wants to open its doors wide and provide opportunities for those who otherwise wouldn't have been given a chance in the film, games and television industries. To do this, we’ve launched the Illuminating BAFTA fundraising campaign to redevelop our home, 195 Piccadilly, and dramatically increase our learning and new talent programme. This will enable us to discover, nurture and inspire the next generation of talent and drive creativity in the UK and internationally.

Here is Tom Hiddleston speaking at the event: Totally inspiring evening at BAFTA hearing from some of BAFTA’s brilliant young learning and new talent participants. Tonight we launch our #takeaseat campaign with the brilliant #illuminatingbafta ambassador @twhiddleston and illustrious chairman @pippaharris

With 2017 BAFTA Scholar Sade MaloneAn amazing opportunity to speak last week, alongside Tom Hiddleston, to shine a light on the incredible charity work BAFTA provides across the arts

With the designer of JAG London BeachwearGreat event at BAFTA, where I met some of the children and young people Bafta have supported in the wonderful work they do with young talent. Also one of Baftas programs is to support place 2 be, who work in schools helping children build confidence and talk about mental health issues. I also got to meet the absolutely charming Tom Hiddleston.. being an avengers fan and follow the amazing charitable work he does :)

Among the people who stopped to chat with Tom were singer/songwriter Stacey Jackson who shared pictures on her twitter.

Tom also met with two lucky students from Sellincourt School who were there with BAFTA Kids representing the charity Place2Be, a leading children's mental health charity: 

Tom with weather anchor/reporter Scarlett Zhao

Tom with Character Artist Danny SweeneySo er, we just met Tom Hiddleston. He asked what I did and described my job as “kinda like making Thanos but for video games”. Super nice guy. x

A photo posted by Alison Simpson

With Jack RossHaving a great time at the BAFTAs. Great to see all the work they are doing promoting and enabling diversity in films! Also awesome to meet Tom Hiddleston!

With actress Piera Van De Wiel.

With Tracy Hastain of Wentworth Consultancy. 

A post by Paul MontgomeryTom Hiddleston: A superb Ambassador for the Illuminating BAFTA Campaign 

Tom also recorded a video for BAFTA Guru where he talks about the worst experiences as an actor and rejection. He also had this advice: People will always have an idea of who they think you are and often it's inaccurate, or not wholly accurate. You mustn't let them change your own sense of who you are. You have to plow your own furrow... because all those people who think they know who you are, didn't do the work...


Tom re-wore his Ralph Lauren look from the Infinity War Fan Event in London. 

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