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Esquire UK: Ready for Action (2016)

May 31, 2016: 

Tom Hiddleston was the cover star for the June 2016 issue of Esquire UK. Tom was photographed by Eric Ray Davidson in LA - this was also the first collaboration between Tom and his stylist Ilaria Urbinati. Esquire UK subscribers received a special Wet Hiddles cover edition of the magazine. 

Burberry Merino Wool Polo Shirt ($450) and Burberry Mohair Wool Trousers ($395).

Pale tan silk suit, £3,330: pale tan silk dress shirt, £455, both by Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Navy wool-mohair suit, £995; silk poplin shirt, £250, turquoise silk tie, £115, all by Burberry, brown leather Oxford shoes, £695, Louboutin.

Cream silk dress shirt, £455; brown silk tie, £140; brown silk trousers (part of suit, £3,330, all by Ralph Lauren Purple Label

some additional behind the scenes/unreleased images from the photoshoot:

Accompanying the photoshoot is an interview by Sanjiv Bhattacharaya. As with most profile pieces, the majority is just giving background on Tom's roles and how he got his start in the industry. Tom talks about his preparation for I Saw the Light, Kong: Skull Island, The Night Manager, and High-Rise - going so far to view an autopsy.

My favorite Tom quote from the piece:  “I believe that nothing is certain and fixed, so you have to make the best efforts to treasure things, and not fall into the trap of letting things be destroyed. Because they can be.”

Several of Tom's co-stars also offered quotes: 

“Tom never stops running. Before work, after work, during work. And it adds hugely to the common tank of energy that a film crew runs on. Every time someone yawns, or scratches their arse, the crew leaks a little energy — Tom’s the one who tops it up... he’s much brighter than a good-looking man ought to be.”  - Hugh Laurie 
“He’s a generous spirit.. As an actor, he always says, ‘you don’t think about yourself. You think about who’s in front of you. You’re trying to get them to respond.’ He’s a deeply kind person.” - Elizabeth Olsen 
During Thor, Branagh recalls the young actor as “a bit scared and vulnerable, and at times pretty lonely. I think he withstood isolation pangs that might have thrown some people. But what I admire about Tom is he’s not trying to present the idea that a tortured individual lives alongside this gilded youth. He has a lot of the personal challenges that most people have, but he doesn’t look for sympathy by trying to convince people that there’s trouble in the kingdom.”


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