Sunday, September 2, 2018

Stolen Summers Film Session: Unrelated (2018)

September 2. 2018: 

Tom Hiddleston, Joanna Hogg, Kathryn Worth, and Mary Roscoe had an Unrelated reunion at the Stolen Summers film session at the Lexi Cinema in London. Unrelated was Joanna Hogg's film directorial debut and Tom Hiddleston's first lead film role, and they further collaborated on two more films: Archipelago and Exhibition.  Tom also recently named Joanna Hogg as his Leading Lady while working on the short film, Leading Lady Parts. I know that there are some videos of the Q&A floating around but the audience was specifically asked *not* to film it so I will not be posting any of those here. 

After the event Stolen Summers posted: Stolen Summers launched yesterday with the French breezy classic THE GREEN RAY and was paired with the astute and accomplished UNRELATED, including a Q&A with director Joanna Hogg, lead actress Kathryn Worth, Mary Roscoe and surprise guest, Tom Hiddleston. The cast and crew (also actor Harry Kershaw, first AD + set and costume designer) reunited after 11 years and were full of nostalgia. It was Hogg's first feature and Hiddleston's first ever role. They reminisced, the atmosphere was full of energy, there were Hiddleston fans who travelled far, and it was a privelege to been in the presence of such a respected director.  


Stolen Summers was showing films celebrating the European summer holiday and the pleasure and trouble that travel invited. Unrelated revolves around a family holiday in Italy, a scandalous romance, and plenty of family tension so it definitely fits the bill.  

Here are some production photos from the film. 

As you can see, Tom Hiddleston's style hasn't changed much since when this film was released. 

Thank you so much to the organizer of the event, Taryn, for allowing us to get an autograph poster to be included in our Unicef UK fundraiser raffle. The poster is signed by Joanna Hogg, Kathryn Worth, and Mary Roscoe - unfortunately Tom wasn't available after the Q&A, (And thank you to Helen for attending the event to get it) 


Tom Hiddleston wore his John Smedley Lundy sweater ($250), J Brand jeans ($270), and Kurt Keiger London Chelsea Boots (£139). Surprisingly, Tom wasn't wearing his glasses (at least not in any of the photos I've seen) - they've become a permanent staple for him this year. 


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