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BBC Radio 2: The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show (2019)

January 18, 2019: 

Tom Hiddleston joined Saoirse Ronan and musical guests Years & Years on BBC Radio 2's The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show. This is only Zoe's second week as host, after replacing Chris Evans. She is the first ever female hosted of the show! You can listen to the full show here. The celebrity interviews begin at 1:40:00. 

Tom Hiddleston was on the show to discuss his upcoming role in Harold Pinter's Betrayal. The show runs from March 5 - June 1 at the Harold Pinter Theatre.  Tom describing the play: "It's really about three intimate relationships: a marriage, a romance, and a friendship. And they're all connected in quite a complicated way. Anyone who's been in a relationship will be able to understand what goes on in this play. It's about intimacy and the things we do because we need it and we crave it and we runs towards it. And also the things we do to avoid it because it's frightening. And it's quite profound."

Tom was asked if they'd started rehearsals yet and said no, the three main actors had never even been in the same room yet. He mentioned that he and Charlie Cox had just been at ACE Comic Con in Arizona, and they had known each other for years, "We use to meet standing outside auditions that none of us would get."  Tom also announced that £15 tickets will be made available to young people, students, teachers, nurses, and those on job seekers allowance! (Charlie told me at ACE that they don't start rehearsals until February)

Zoe also asked about updated on The Night Manager and the Loki series. Tom said that it was all still in the hands of John le Carre and his sons to continue the story, "I'm curious to see what materializes." As for the Loki series, "Time will tell."

Saoirse Ronan joined the chat to talk about her role in Mary Queen of Scots. The film was directed by Josie Rourke who also directed Tom in Coriolanus. During the JW3 Conversation, Tom described the film as "It's absolutely breathtaking, I found it emotionally overwhelming in a way I didn't expect." Saoirse also mentioned that she met Tom when he presented her with an award. (I think she was referring to the time they presented the BAFTA for Best Production Design together in 2013) 

Tom Hiddleston had a past connection to another guest. Years & Years is fronted by Olly Alexander. They were both featured in Screen International's Stars of Tomorrow in 2008!

The 10 Year Challenge +1

Tom seemed to be thoroughly enjoying Olly and his band's performance of their song, Play. 

Some fan questions: 

Tom and Saoirse, what you're favorite of each other's work? Saorise said Loki or The Night Manager. Tom said Lady Bird. 

What was your most memorable career moment? The Hulk Smash. 


Tom previously appeared on The Chris Evans Breakfast show alongside Ed Sheeran, Anthiony Middleston, and Angela Scanlon in 2017 while promoting Kong: Skull Island


And in 2016 while promoting I Saw the Light. In that episode Tom, Sophie Turner, Helen George, and Dexys all received a surprise visit from The Duchess of Cornwall. 


Tom Hiddleston wore his John Smedley Lundy pullover (sold out) and Mykita glasses. In some of the pictures he is also wearing his PS by Paul Smith Pea Coat


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