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War Horse Premiere in London (2012)

January 8, 2012: 

Tom Hiddleston's first public event of 2012 was the European premiere of War Horse at the Odeon Leicester Square in London. The world premiere was a month earlier in NYC. On the red carpet Tom talked about how the horse's journey in the film teaches us about "our capacity for kindness, and for compassion, and courage in a time of atrocity and horror". 

Peak Cheekbone Appreciation right here. 

The premiere was held in aid of the Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry (now known as The Royal Foundation). The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended as well as many members of the armed services and veterans. Tom and the Duke (Prince William) attended Eton together. Tom talked about their reunion at the premiere in an interview with Oxford Times, "He was on show as much as anyone else was so it's not like we could have a school reunion or anything. He was very kind and very generous." Tom also revealed that William might still be a bit grumpy over an exchange from their school days: The senior boys used to referee the junior boys' football matches. I remember contesting a goal as referee and his entire team, including him, coming up and protesting that I had made a mistake. My decision still stands. Tom and William reunited again at a reception for the Royal Marsden Cancer Trust in 2018

But the real star of the night was Joey (this particular horse's name is Sultan but he is one of the 14 horses who shared the role of Joey in the film). This was the same horse that Tom rode during the cavalry charge. 

There was also a really nice profile of Tom released in The Independent


Tom Hiddleston wore a satin shawl collar tuxedo from Giorgio Armani. Tom wore this tuxedo at least four more times throughout 2012 and 2013. 

Originally, Tom intended to wear a different Armani suit had to make a last minute change. "However, I'm very partial to a suit - and Giorgio Armani made me a three-piece suit for for the release of War Horse. I was going to wear it to the premiere, then I found out it was black tie because the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were attending! So I ended up wearing it another time. But on the inside pocket it's inscribed to Captain Nicholls, my character from War Horse. I think it's really special."


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