Friday, February 15, 2019

Betrayal Rehearsals (2019)

February 15, 2019: 

Rehearsals for Betrayal only began February 5, but the main cast has already been very busy preparing for their March 5, 2019 opening. 

On February 12, Tom Hiddleston, Charlie Cox, and Zawe Ashton stepped out for the All About Eve Press Night

And today (February 15th) we received our first look at the cast and director Jamie Lloyd together in rehearsal photos released in the Evening Standard

Tom Hiddleston plays the character Robert. 

Zawe Ashton plays Emma. 

And Charlie Cox is Jerry. 

Robert and Emma are married. 

Robert and Jerry are best friends. 

Emma and Jerry are having an affair. 

Director Jamie Lloyd. 

Photographer Marc Brenner did an amazing job capturing the intensity of the play and also mixing in a little humor. Based on the set up I imagine they are rehearsing the party scene where Emma and Jerry begin their affair. This is the final scene in the play because it's told in reverse chronological order. 


**Substitute Teacher Tom** Ok, class. Please open your textbooks at page 81! Having the pictures released in black and white makes it much more difficult to identify what Tom Hiddleston is wearing. Is he wearing his blue sweater? Is he wearing his read sweater? I have sent out some feelers to see if anyone will confirm this for me. 

My best guess is that Tom is wearing his red John Smedley Crowford pullover based on the thick, ribbed neckline. The 2019 version is slightly different. His blue Lundy pullover from John Smedley has a much smaller neckline than what you see in the rehearsal pictures. 

Tom is also wearing the suit jacket from his Ralph Lauren polo suit, along with his J Brand jeans. It is interesting because when Tom Hiddleston was using the Ralph Lauren suit as his go-to, he would sometimes wear the blazer from his Alexander McQueen suit for semi-formal outings. And now that he is wearing his Alexander McQueen suit as his go-to, he is wearing the blazer from the Ralph Lauren suit. 

He finished off his look with his Kurt Geiger London Frederick Chelsea boots. These are actually a keepsake from Tom's last stage performance in RADA Hamlet. 

But ultimately the real fashion winner is Zawe Ashton's socks! 


  1. Who is doing Tom's hair currently? I love the longer look, was just curious. Thanks!

    1. Petra Sellge has been Tom's groomer for several years now,

    2. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer. Much appreciated!