Thursday, August 8, 2019

Betrayal Press/Rehearsals - Sea Wall/ A Life Press Night (2019)

August 8-13, 2019: 

August 8, 2019:

With previews less than one week away Charlie Cox, Zawe Ashton, and Tom Hiddleston were finally reunited in New York City for Day 1 of Betrayal Broadway rehearsals and press. I guess they don't need much rehearsal time since they've already spent 12 weeks performing the play in London... but still I expected this to happen sooner. They posed on the Mezzanine of the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre which will serve as their new home until December. I will update articles/videos from the press junket as they become available. Fan favorite journalists Josh Horowitz and Jenelle Riley were also there and I can't wait to see what they have prepared for us.

Here's a nice interview from Broadway World. "I love this play. I read it when I was a student. I think it's one of the great plays about relationships and intimacy. It's a play about trust. It's a play about knowledge. And that through knowledge you can get power. And who holds power in the end. In Pinter's world - life is a battle, and often between men. In this case between two men over one woman. I think there are some very deep, relatable themes about the experience of being alive that he really gets into. We'd done 109 performances already in London and we've got 150-odd coming up on Broadway... it feels new, it feels fresh every night. And partly that's I think to do with the audience because here we are in a live theatre. And their attentiveness - the capacity of each audience to connect with the piece. We've all been in relationships. We've all been in relationships that worked. We've all been in relationships that haven't worked. And I think that's why the play will never get old." 

Tom continues to defy all laws of nature by looking refreshed and well-rested even after just arriving back in NYC last night/this morning. I'm still waiting for someone to reveal his jet-lag secret.

As I predicted back in July, the Betrayal Trio all showed up en masse for Opening Night of Sea Wall/ A Life starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Sturridge. Jake co-starred with Zawe Ashton in Velvet Buzzsaw and Tom was Tom's son in The Hollow Crown series. Both plays also shared the same publicity team - although they seem to be handling publicity very differently for each show. 

Sea Wall / A Life is a two-part monologue. In Jake's words "it's a show about love and family and faith." You can order tickets here

One of the themes for Sea Wall / A Life has been portraits. Charlie, Zawe, and Tom can now add their faces to the portrait wall. 

August 9: 

Tom Hiddleston shared a teaser trailer for Betrayal Broadway. Unlike the Betrayal Pinter video - all three cast members are featured. In the video, Tom recites several of Harold Pinter's most famous quotes. 

"There are no hard distinctions between what is real and what is unreal, nor between what is true and what is false. Sometimes you feel you have the truth of a moment in your hand, then it slips through your fingers. Our beginnings never know our ends."

The video was directed and produced by the same team of Christopher McGill and Dusthouse. You can read the interview we did back in November here.

August 10: 

Betrayal Broadway shared some behind-the-scenes pictures from rehearsals. With rehearsals only six days before the previews it was also tech week. 

August 11: 

Photographer Simon Annand shared a pictures of Tom Hiddleston in costume. It looks they all characters will be wearing the same outfits as they did for Betrayal Pinter

Simon is a poignant choice to photograph Tom for his Broadway debut. Simon was also on hand when Tom made his professional theatre debut in The Changeling with Cheek By Jowl. He photographed Tom after Dramatic Need - the place where Tom, Charlie, and Zawe 
worked together for the first time. And he photographed Tom during Coriolanus rehearsals. 


It's the return of the OG Aquatalia boots! They made a brief appearance at Tokyo Comic Con last November/December but other than that Tom hasn't been seen wearing this brand since 2017. Tom actually wore these shoes (the brand at least because he's gone through at least 4 different pairs) for the very first time in New York City so it was a poignant homecoming! 

Tom also dug into his closet to bring back another iconic piece, the Ralph Lauren suit he wore to Wimbledon in 2018. 


Sea Wall / A Life

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