Friday, November 1, 2019

Bosideng x Tom Hiddleston (2019)

November 1, 2019: 

Tom Hiddleston aka Dousen is back to shake some forests with his new ad campaign for Bosideng's winter collection. 

 A few hours later, Bosideng dropped a second series of more candid-style photographs. 

Bosideng, along with the other brands under Bosideng International Holdings Limited, is the largest down clothing company in China. They announced the new partnership with Tom on their Weibo page. I don't know how much was lost in the translation but these pictures alone will definitely warm you in the cold wind. 

Tom is increasingly becoming more and more active in the Chinese markets. In June, he helped launch the BAFTA Breakthrough China Initiative

...and who could ever forget Tom's Centrum China commercial? I predict Bosideng will see a similar boost in sales. 

Bosideng also represents another high-profile collaboration in Tom's career - Marvel. They announced their new Marvel inspired coats two weeks ago. 

Previously, Tom's Avengers co-star Chris Evans, served as an Ambassador for the brand. 

This is Tom's first fashion pair up since Gucci in 2016. Fear not - Bosideng is much easier on the wallet. 

Tom's photoshoot took place late October in New York City. The photoshoot was coordinated by Evan Xiong and Connection Studio. He shared some photos on his Instagram account. 


On Saturday, November 9th, Bosideng released a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the campaign. Seriously how did none of the scarf pictures get released? Scarf Tom is the One Tom to Rule Them All. 

*I'm in the US and Bosideng is only available through AliExpress here. I will update this post with direct links to each outfit once I have catalogued all the items. 


  1. "Both talented and talented." That's a ringing endorsement!

  2. *le sigh* He looks so handsome in all of those! Does anybody know what scarf he was wearing in some of the shots? That black and grey one? It looks so good on him!