Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Betrayal Broadway: Halloween Edition (2019)

October 30, 2019: 

When there's something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? 

Three days ago, Tom Hiddleston posted a video teasing a special surprise for Halloween eve. 

Zawe Ashton took over the Betrayal Broadway Instagram page to post even more hints the night of the show. You can hear Director Hiddleston in the background. 

What was the surprise? A Marvelous costume party at the Stage Door. Many peopl  correctly guessed that Tom and Charlie would do a character swap.  

The heroes we deserve. 

There was a costume contest for the fans. Who won? Tom Hiddleston! The lucky winner was able to get her picture taken with the cast. 

A look at Tom and Charlie preparing to go outside via TodayTix

Young actress Emma Lyles, who plays Robert and Emma's daughter in the play, posted a picture with her Mom and Dad. As well as with Charlie and Eddie. 

Charlie is so sweet. 


I will try to track down the costumes they wore but until then you can always purchase the Save Daredevil t-shirt Zawe is wearing.. because SAVE DAREDEVIL


  1. I really need to watch the Daredevil tv show, because the only thing I associate with it is the really bad Ben Affleck movie!