Saturday, March 24, 2018

Cinema Society Screening of ISTL (2016)

March 25, 2016: 

The Cinema Society with Hestia and St-Germain hosted a screening of I Saw the Light at the Metrograph in New York City. Tom Hiddleston, director Marc Abraham, and Sony Pictures Classics Co-President Tom Bernard all made the voyage to NYC from the LA premiere. They were also joined by Wrenn Schmidt and the other Co-President of Sony Pictures Classics, Michael Barker. 

Perhaps they were trying to re-enact the waltz scene from Crimson Peak? 

Tom talk to Arthur Kade about the legacy of Hank Williams: 

"It's extraordinary what he achieved in such a sort space of time. He lived at such a pitch of intensity and changed the face of American music. I think he's one of those artists who had the courage to stand at the edge of the cliff, as it were, and look over, and not be frightened of the fall. And I think the power of his songs are about that. He's just living on the edge of life which made him so charismatic and I think people could smell the rebellion in his songs. And that's why he was one of the greats."

There was a star-studded guest list that included Matthew Broderick, Jazmin Grimaldi, John Corbett, Peter Facinelli, Carson Kressley, and Alan Cumming. 

Alan revealed that he and Tom were old friends, and that he came to the premiere to support him. 

Six years before Tom Hiddleston donned the Loki horns, Alan Cumming played the God of Mischief in The Son of the Mask. I wonder if Tom hit up his friend for some Loki inspo? 

The after-party was held on the picturesque rooftop bar of the Jimmy at the James Hotel. 


I think even the Queer Eye guy would approve of Tom Hiddleston's charcoal three-piece suit from Ralph Lauren. 


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