Friday, March 9, 2018

Olivier Awards (2008)

March 9, 2008: 

Tom Hiddleston attended the Oliver Awards in London. Tom was doubly nominated in the same category for his performances in Cymbeline and Othello. Perhaps we can say he was triply nominated since he played two characters in Cymbeline? 

Tom ultimately won Best Newcomer in a Play for Cymbeline.

"Casting the excellent Tom Hiddleston in the dual role of the banished husband, Posthumus, and Cloten, the queen's arrogant son, two starkly contrasting characters, introduces a note of humour a little lightness into the production. Hiddleston switches seamlessly from unbearable, sulky little English nobleman to humbled exile." 

The face when you won... but also lost. 

This was the last time the Best Newcomer Award was given so Tom Hiddleston continue to hold the title for the rest of eternity... or until it is reinstated at least. 

You can watch video of a much younger Tom, Jeff Goldblum, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Carey Mulligan, Dan Stevens, and company recommending what you should see on the West End in 2008. 

More on Cymbeline: 

"An evil stepmother, an invading army, a headless corpse, ghosts and a divine visit from Jupiter hurtle us towards an astonishing conclusion in this saga of politics, the supernatural and love. Lynchpin of the story is one of Shakespeare's greatest female characters, the impulsive and sensual Imogen." 

The full cast included Jodie McNee (Imogen), Gwendoline Christie (Queen), David Collings (Cymbeline). Laurence Spellman (Caius), and John MacMillan (Guideruis). The play was directed by Declan Donnellan and toured throughout the world. 

You can watch a short trailer for the production below: 

And the production was also featured in an ARTE Documentary series. (Part 1) 

(Part 2) 


Tom was wearing a shawl collar suit. I believe it is from Burberry but I have yet to receive confirmation on that.



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