Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War Events in Shanghai (2018)

April 18, 2018: 

Round Three of the Avengers: Infinity War Press Tour kicked off in Shanghai, China. Tom Hiddleston sat down for several solo interviews with the Chinese media ahead of the Fan Event on April 19th. 

Tom (and his "kiwi fruit like beard") had a message for his fans in China: "First of all, thank you everybody for having me back in China. This is my first time in Shanghai and I love it here. I feel very grateful and honoured that you have connected with my work and thought I have anything interesting to offer or say. And I'm very touched if anything I have done or said has helped you in its own way. So, thank you for that. And give yourselves credit as well because at the end of the day you're in control of your own lives."

Tom also appeared in a sketch for the Chinese TV show Keep Running along with Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo. 

April 19, 2018:

Tom Hiddleston, Tom Holland, Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr, and the Russo Brothers attended a press conference in Shanghai to discuss their new film.

After the press conference, the men headed over to the Avengers: Infinity War Fan Event at the Shanghai Disneyland Park. 

Robert Downey Jr was sure to keep everyone updated by posting on all the event and behind the scenes action on his Instagram and Facebook Live feeds. He also had some very kind words for Tom's performance as Loki and Kenneth Branagh's direction: "What Branagh did, from my point of view, is he brought the Shakespearean element to the sibling rivalry where everyone could relate to feeling less than or shut out, pushed aside or not equally loved. And I think you've done just a brilliant job of riding that razor's edge." 

Mark Ruffalo and Tom Hiddleston having a singalong. 


For each event in Shanghai, Tom is wearing a Ralph Lauren Polo Suit along with his Mykita Mylon Triton glasses but dresses up the look with a tie on day 2.

You can hear Tom talk about wearing Ralph Lauren in this behind the scenes video posted by Robert Downey Jr. Ralph Lauren created all the suits for this current press tour.

The great sock debate: I've received two separate confirmations on the socks Tom Hiddleston is wearing. First from London Sock Company telling me they are the "Spotted in Shoreditch" from a past collection but new versions should be released soon. And secondly from Nice Laundry, claiming these are their Ace socks.

Tom has previously worn the a navy version of the Spotted socks from London Socks Co.

And this is what the Ace line from Nice Laundry looks like.  

I will let you guys decide for yourselves.. 


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