Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Night Manager premiere in LA (2016)

April 5, 2016: 

A week after the season series finale aired in the UK, The Night Manager finally had it U.S. red carpet premiere at the DGA Theater in Los Angeles.  

I feel like trying to take a group photo of The Night Manager cast is like trying to take a picture of children. They will always be looking in different direction, one of them will start laughing, then all of them will start laughing, and somebody will probably end up picking their nose (I wont mention any names but it's probably some British guy that went to The Dragon School, Eton, and then Cambridge - oh wait)

Elizabeth Debicki, Tom Hiddleston, Susanne Bier, Hugh Laurie, Elizabeth Colman, Stephen Garrett, Stephen Cornwell, and Simon Cornwell. 

Let's see if it's easier with just the main stars. Negative. 


Tom praised director, Susanne Bier's truthful storytelling:  

"She has a very keen nose for the truth, in terms of what she thinks is permissible on camera. She doesn't want to see you acting, she wants to see you reflecting what rael life is like - how real people talk."


Tom in Thom! Tom Hiddleston wore a charcoal basketweave suit from Thom Sweeney. 


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