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Live Below the Line (2013)

April 7-11, 2013: 

In April 2013, Unicef UK Ambassador Tom Hiddleston participated in the Live Below the Line Challenge. The goal is to survive off only £1 of food and drink for five days. This is meant to highlight the struggle of over 1.2 billion of people around the world who are living below the extreme poverty line. People are also encourage to donate the money they saved on food during the challenge or start fundraisers. to help Unicef's food and nutrition programs. The Unicef UK page of Live Below the Line is no longer active but you can read more about it Tom's page

Tom posted daily updates on his progress during the 5 days using the hashtag #BelowtheLine

Day 1 Meals: 

Day 2 Meals: 

Day 3 Meals: 

Day 4 Meals: 

 Day 5 Meals: 

Tom also posted a video on Day 5 and appeared on ITV This Morning.

Tom being interviewed by Unicef UK about the Live Below the Line Challenge, he says the hardest thing was "simply being hungry.. I've never been as hungry as that in my life, ever. I've never experienced the kind of stomach cramps, and the lack of concentration, the dips in energy, and fatigue. It really brings the effect of hunger in a very real way. And I only did it for five days..". Tom also wrote an article in Harpers Bazaar UK about his experience. 

As a now, the only country that really continues that Live Below the Line challenge is Australia - where it originated. It is still an event every May. You can read more about it here. I have done the challenge myself and found it much easier to do than Tom because obviously a 5'2, 125lb woman doesn't need quite as much food as a 6'2, 175lb man. My go-to meal was grilled cheese! 


For the scenes in his home Tom Hiddleston is wearing an Armani Exchange Waffle Knit "Hideaway" sweater with a Nike+ Sportswatch and wristband supporting the IF Campaign which calls for a fairer food system.

Tom recorded a video for the IF Campaign while he was in Guinea with Unicef UK.

For his appearance on ITV This Morning, Tom wore an Emporio Armani blue check suit. Previously worn to the 2013 Empire Awards. 

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