Monday, May 28, 2018

BBC Newsnight: Shakespeare (2012)

May 28, 2012: 

Mark Rylance, Tom Hiddleston, and historian Simon Schama appeared on BBC's Newsnight to discuss what Shakespeare teaches us about leadership: What is it? What does Shakespeare have to tell us about it? and do we care for it any longer? The episode was hosted by Jeremy Paxman. 

Along with being a walking Shakespeare encyclopedia, Tom Hiddleston was starring in The Hollow Crown - an adaption of Shakespeare's Henriad. A brief behind-the-scenes video with director Richard Eyre are shown at the beginning of the telecast. 

One of the biggest topics they discuss is whether public figures should be entitled to private lives. Tom: The interesting thing about Henry V is that it dramatizes that tussle between the responsibility of public office and the private almost torment of personal accountability very well. 

You can watch the edited video of just Tom's portion on Newsnight below. The full episode is available here

One last Shakespeare thought from Tom: Shakespeare had enormous empathy, compassion, and a wisdom about not just the man in the gutter, but every man and that's why he's so extraordinary. He's able to think himself and feel himself into the hearts and minds of an entire people.


Tom wore his custom Giorgio Armani navy 3-piece suit with an Emporio Armani jacquard geometric tie. (seen here at the Tribeca Film Festival) 

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