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Cannes Film Festival: Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)

May 25, 2013: 

Only Lovers Left Alive had it's debut screening at the Cannes Film Festival in France. John Hurt, Tom Hiddleston, director Jim Jarmusch, and Tilda Swinton all attended the event. This was Tom's first time at the Cannes Film Festival since he missed out on the screening of Midnight in Paris due to The Avengers filming. Only Lovers Left Alive went on the be nominated for the prestigious Palm d'Or and won the Soundtrack Award at Cannes. 

Up first, they posed against the beautiful backdrop of the French Riviera. 

Tom Hiddleston had quite the adventure trying to get to Cannes. 

I had a very interesting experience going to Cannes. An airplane in Heathrow caught fire and they shut down the whole airport. There were no tickets on Eurostar. All the flights from Gatwick were booked. So I got in a taxi and drove to Dover. I got on the ferry at 2am, with people on the booze cruise, and students going on hockey tours, got to Calais at 5am, another taxi to Paris airport, flew to Nice, landed about 11.30am, went through customs, got in another cab and drove to straight to THAT photo call...

After the photocall, the cast headed to the press conference for the film. Tom on why he took the role: Adam, in the story as it was presented to me, was such a fascinating prospect because it was such an exciting extension of curiosity to an avenue I never really explored. I had been playing a lot of soldiers and super heroes. I had always been such a huge fan of Jim and Tilda. And the idea of playing a character who somehow embodied a romanticism and melancholy but was still motivated by a curiosity towards the things that he loved. Below is a video of just Tom's portion of the press conference but you can watch the full press conference here

The final event of the day was the red carpet premiere. 

Tom and Tilda also won the award for Strongest Cheekbones. 


For the photocall and press conference Tom wore a three-piece Rimini suit from Reiss. He then changed into an Alexander McQueen tuxedo for the red carpet premiere. 


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