Sunday, February 25, 2018

Observer Magazine: "The dream is to keep surprising yourself" (2011)

February 26, 2011: 

Tom Hiddleston was interviewed by Euan Ferguson for The Observer Magazine. 2011 was a breakout year for Tom with starring roles in Archipelago, Thor, Midnight in Paris, and War Horse.

My favorite passage from the interview: 

It would be a delight, or at least say something about balance and hubris, to be able to report that he's moodily curmudgeonly. Infuriatingly, he's charming, funny, passionate, eloquent and impossibly stylish, and the first to admit he has been a little blessed.

"Blessed, in part, with the differences in the scripts I've been able to take. It was a strange experience, finishing Archipelago, where we'd all moved into the actual house in the film, for seven weeks, to read and then live and improvise the story; then fly to LA for this $150m sci-fi epic. But that's what I love. I've always admired those actors who constantly surprise you. Ralph Fiennes, Anthony Hopkins, Daniel Day-Lewis. The dream is to keep surprising yourself, never mind the audience."

Accompanying the interview was a photoshoot by Richard Saker. 


Tom was wearing a Burberry trenchcoat with Armani Jeans leather pants, and Ariat roper boots. 

Friday, February 23, 2018

BAFTA Screening for Out of Darkness (2013)

February 23, 2013:

Out Of Darkness had it's cast & crew screening on February 23rd at BAFTA. The film was followed by a Q&A with actors Tom Hiddleston and Riz Ahmed, as well as writer/director Manjinder Virk,

Out of Darkness is a very intimate short film that explores an aid worker's experiences with death. The story is told in 9 voices portrayed by actors Riz Ahmed, Ashed Akhtar, Jimmy Akingbola, Christine Bottomley, Monica Dolan, Noma Dumezweni, Andrew Gower, Tom Hiddleston, and Manjinder Virk.

"After a few years I had seen so much death the word itself became meaningless. Words became meaningless... I have hundreds of souls dancing inside of me." 

Below is a trailer and the full film is available on Vimeo.

Some behind the scenes photographs from the making of the film.


For the screening Tom wore his bespoke Giorgio Armani navy 3-piece suit. S Pictured here at the premiere for Cloud Atlas

Monday, February 19, 2018

Mulberry Fashion Show/Dinner (2012)

February 19, 2012: 

Tom Hiddleston attended the Mulberry A/W 2012 show during London Fashion Week, To date, this is the only fashion show in London that Tom has attended. (He's has been to two shows in Italy for Armani and Gucci). It's interesting because Tom has been a member of the committee for London Fashion Week Men's for several years. 

Tom Hiddleston in the front row along with Laura Carmichael, Michelle Dockery, Michelle Williams, Elizabeth Olsen, and Lana Del Rey.

After the show, Mulberry hosted a dinner at the Savile Club in London. 

 Tom with Nicholas Hoult. 

 Ciara Parks and Tom picking up some free Mulberry swag. 


Tom carried a Mulberry Brynmore Leather bag. (no longer being sold) 
For the fashion show, Tom was wearing a grey Armani suit and red tie. He wore the same outfit a 2 weeks earlier to the London Evening Standard Film Awards.

For the dinner Tom wore a contrasting crushed velvet/powder blue Armani look. Seen here at the 2011 London Film Festival. 


Friday, February 16, 2018

Theatre Performance in Southampton (2018)

February 15, 2018: 

Tom Hiddleston attended the official opening performance of The Shadow Factory at the Nuffield's new NST City theatre in Southampton. The Shadow Factory is a world premiere play about secret factories during WWII. The show is running thru March 3, 2018 and there's a special exhibition February 15-March 1, 2018.

Tom Hiddleston with artistic director Sam Hodges

Tom has a long history with the Nuffield Theatre. He was named Associate Actor of the theatre in 2014 and that title was eventually elevated to Patron. In 2015, Tom held an exclusive Q&A session at the Nuffield Theatre.  


Unfortunately, I haven't seen any press pictures of Tom wearing the coat and it's very difficult to make out what Tom is wearing from the few social media pictures that have come out. Tom is wearing a thick overcoat/peacoat which is reminiscent of the Paul Smith coat he were on stage during #RADAHamlet, Knowing Tom, it wouldn't be surprising at all if he kept that coat after production. 
There's a small mark on the arm of the coat Tom is wearing at the theatre performance that wasn't on the Hamlet coat. It could be some sort of tear that was mended or a zipper? Alas, I can't say anything with certainty based on the pictures. On the brightside, this is Tom Hiddleston so we will definitely be seeing more of the coat in the future. Hopefully I will be able to identify it then!

Underneath the coat, Tom is wearing his Ralph Lauren suit/geometric tie combo that has been his go to for semiformal events since 2015. (picture from the The Bridge Theatre last October.)  Tom is also wearing his new Mykita Mylon - Triton glasses. 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Thor: Ragnarok Costumes on Display (2018)

February 6, 2018 - April 7, 2018:

The FIDM Museum in Los Angeles is hosting their annual Art of Costume Design Exhibition from February 6- April 7, 2018. This year's exhibit features the costumes from Thor: Ragnarok created by Mayes C. Rubeo. Admission is free! 

Some other notable film costumes on display: 

Thank you to Danielle Leigh Davis for the use of her pictures. 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

BAFTA Rising Stars Party (2012)

February 7, 2012: 

Esquire hosted a party at the Savoy Hotel in London for the BAFTA Rising Star Nominees. Tom Hiddleston and Adam Deacon two of the five nominees being honored. This was an inaugural event. During the previous twelve months, Tom featured in four high-profile films; Thor, Midnight in Paris, The Deep Blue Sea, and War Horse. Adam starred in three British films (Jack Falls, Anuvahood, Everywhere and Nowhere) over the same period.  

Tom described the award as "monumental": 

"I am taking it as the most enormous compliment. It's an extraordinary pat on the back for the work that I've been doing, and great encouragement to keep doing it. I sincerely believe that, even though I'm 30 years old, I'm still relatively young. And I think the Rising Star Award reminds me of how much there is still to do, how much work I have to do. I really feel like I'm just getting started."  - Hiddleston

Adam Deacon had similar sentiments: 

"I've always felt like a bit of an underdog. And then all of a sudden this came up. And it was kind of like a pat on the back - just acceptance."

You can spy a young Will Poulter in the corner of this photo. He went on to win the BAFTA Rising Star Award himself in 2014. 

Tom was also photographed with Charlotte Hayward, the fashion editor of Esquire UK, and his publicist, Luke Windsor. I think Luke missed the "wear a suit" memo. 

Tom had a full feature in Esquire UK three months earlier. 


I believe that this was the first time that Tom Hiddleston wore his custom Giorgio Armani three-piece suit to an event. The suit was a personal favorite and Tom wore it more than two dozen times from 2012-2015. He referred to it in a 2012 interview with British GQ
I'm very partial to a suit - and Giorgio Armani made me a three-piece suit for for the release of War Horse. I was going to wear it to the premiere, then I found out it was black tie because the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were attending! So I ended up wearing it another time. But on the inside pocket it's inscribed to Captain Nicholls, my character from War Horse. I think it's really special.

He also wore a geometric jacquard tie from Emporio Armani.