Sunday, June 23, 2019

Shanghai Film Festival (2019)

June 23, 2019:

This is Day 3 of Tom Hiddleston visit to Shanghai to promote the BAFTA Breakthrough China initiative. You can read about Day 1 & 2 here

Tom Hiddleston and BAFTA CEO Amanda Berry attended rehearsals for the Shanghai Film Festival. The SIFF began in 1993 and has grown into one of the largest film festivals in Asia. Held over 10 days, this festival celebrates films from all over the world. This year however, there were no entries from Great Britain. This is interesting given the spotlight on prominent spotlight BAFTA Asia has received over the past week. 

Tom has been in Shanghai for three days now so of course he speaks Chinese. 

Inside Tom practiced for his presenter duties. 

Tom and Amanda made a quick change and returned for the Golden Goblet Awards ceremony. These are the most prestigious awards given in Shanghai. 

Posing on the red carpet. 

Tom Hiddleston presented the Best Actress Award alongside Wang Jingchun. 

Salome Demuria won Best Actress.

Tom Hiddleston was all smiles in the audience. 


For rehearsal, Tom Hiddleston wore his Ralph Lauren Polo suit. He changed into a Bespoke version of the Ralph Lauren Gregory Linen Jacket (£2,100). The RL patch has been removed but the jacket still has the contrasting Italian linen weave and satin peak lapel. 

Tom also had a very special accessory. You all know how I feel about socks. These Ralph Lauren trouser socks (19.95) are my sunshine on a cloudy day. But these socks are here to do more than make me happy when the skies are grey. Tom's socks have the Pink Pony emblem on them. 

The Pink Pony Campaign is Ralph Lauren's global initiative to fight cancer. Originally created specifically for Breast Cancer treatment and research, the Campaign now works to reduce disparities in care across many types of cancer. Sales from Pink Pony products (along with donations and partnerships) funds cancer organizations and research in the United States, Great Britain, Spain, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, and more. Tom Hiddleston has increasingly been active in cancer charities and child-health organizations. The Royal Marsden, a charity Tom supported in 2018, is one of the many beneficiaries from the Pink Pony Campaign. 


Friday, June 21, 2019

BAFTA Breakthrough China Initiative (2019)

June 21-22, 2019: 

June 21, 2019

Tom Hiddleston added another role to his impressive resume. During the Shanghai Film Festival it was announced that Tom would serve as the BAFTA Breakthrough China Ambassador. This is a brand new initiative created to support China's future stars of films, games and television and bring them to international attention. 

Tom was joined by Amanda Berry, Chief Executive of BAFTA, and Wendy Yu, Founder of CEO of Yu Holdings, for the press conference. 

Tom's introduction to the crowd: 

At the announcement he spoke of the importance of this new role: 
“Initiatives like BAFTA Breakthrough China are instrumental in helping to strengthen the careers of exciting new talent, and to promote them on a global scale. I have seen first-hand all the fantastic ways in which BAFTA supports Breakthrough British talent, and it’s wonderful that they will now be doing the same in China. There is so much creativity and craftsmanship in China: I’m excited to see who the winners will be.”

Tom was the perfect actor to help launch the BAFTA Breakthrough China. He already serves as an Ambassador for both the BFI (British Film Institute) and the Illuminating BAFTA Campaign, and a mentor for the BAFTA Breakthrough Brit programme. Tom Hiddleston has always had a massive fan base in China and throughout Asia. Tom recently signed an endorsement deal for Centrum China


After the press conference, Tom Hiddleston sat down with John Edwards, the British Consul General in Shangahi, to talk about BAFTA, British culture, and answer questions from fans. 

June 22, 2019: 

Tom Hiddleston continued to promote the new BAFTA Breakthrough China scheme with several meetings and interviews with the Chinese press and entertainment executives. I will link more information on the interview when they are posted. 

One of those interviews was with Patrick Frater of Variety, where Tom explained more about why he became involved: 

"I'm becoming a BAFTA Breakthrough China ambassador because I really believe in it. I know that at the beginning of a creative career sometimes it can feel quite isolated. The way to develop new skills, new confidence and to generate new inspiration is to meet your peers and people you've always admired. Observed them, ask them questions, what was it like when you did this, how did you prepare and practice, how do you sharpen your skills, how do you keep pushing yourself to new horizons. When I was younger there was not a scheme like this. Though I know that the extraordinary results an be generated by connections and collaboration. I've seen firsthand in the UK how Breakthrough Brits does exactly that. There are often people at the beginning of their career - not necessarily young -and this gives the validation that they get from BAFTA. We've seen it in Letitia Wright who was in "Black Panther"  and "Avengers." She won a BAFTA this year and, in her speech, she mentioned how being a Breakthrough Brit changed her life. Tom Holland is another former Breakthrough Brit. We have so much to learn from China. And we hope that hte winners of the Breakthrough China award will have a lot to learn from BAFTA. 
 we hope that the winners of the Breakthrough China award will have a lot to learn from BAFTA. On previous visits to China I have not had much contact with Chinese talent, but I have worked with a Chinese performer Jing Tian on 'Kong Skull Island.' It was always interesting to see her different preparations and different sense of humor. We were always asking her about WeChat. I don't have have a WeChat account of my own. But I do have a Weibo account, which I manage myself."

That evening Tom was the guest of honor for the BAFTA China event held at the Peninsula Hotel in Shanghai. 

Amanda Berry, Tom Hiddleston, and Wendy Yu photographed on the helipad above the hotel. 



Day 1 

For the press conference Tom Hiddleston wore the Handmade Striped Suit from Ralph Lauren (£3,875). 

For the interview Tom changed into the Ralph Lauren Polo Suit ($995) with a new pink Oxford shirt (£315). This was the same suit that Tom wore last year on his first visit to Shanghai

Day 2

Tom Hiddleston wasn't quite finished with Robert yet so he brought his Betrayal costume to China for the interviews. Tom wore his own Alexander McQueen suit and John Smedley for the play... 

Tom then slipped into another Handmade Striped suit from Ralph Lauren (£3,875) for the party. This suit has the same overall design but with notch lapel instead of the peak lapels we saw on Day 1. This is also different from the Ralph Lauren Morgan linen striped suit that Tom has worn to several events in the UK. Tommy likes what Tommy likes.