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The greatest part of being a Tom Hiddleston fan is that we have the most generous fan group in the world! Tom's fans have raised nearly £100,000 for various causes close to both his heart and theirs. Tom has been a passionate supporter of many causes over the course of his career. Most notably, he began serving as a Unicef UK Ambassador in 2013, with his first mission to Guinea. Tom's current focus with Unicef UK has been his work in South Sudan.

So far our raffles have raised £34,086 for Unicef UK.

Combined we have given out 80 prizes to people in 25 different countries.

*Current Raffle*

To mark World Children's Day, we are launching our Tom Hiddleston Birthday Fan Fundraiser and Raffle for Unicef UK.
This will be the last fan fundraiser that I personally organize.
Our theme this year is #HiddlesHero because Tom is in so many ways.

Our prizes include: 

  1. A Tom Hiddleston autographed Betrayal (London) programme. Tom arranged for this to be signed and sent specifically for the fundraiser. I will include COA from Tom's assistant if you need verification.
  2. A Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Cox signed Betrayal (Broadway) playbill. This is from the very first night of previews. I can include pictures of them signing if you need verification. I can also substitute a playbill with signatures from Tom, Charlie, and Zawe Ashton or a Tom-only signed playbill. 
  3. Tom Hiddleston Theatre Package: Includes unsigned programmes from RADA Hamlet and Betrayal (London), a playbill from Betrayal (Broadway), the playtext from Coriolanus, and an audio cd + dvd for Othello. 
  4. Loki Tiki Mug - which will be perfect for binge watching the Loki series. 
  5. Cuddle Package: Includes a Tom Hiddleston pillow case (donated by @mintmintdoodles) and Tom Hiddleston plush doll (created by @bakerstreetdolls). 
  6. Kiwi Package: Includes the Tom Hiddleston M2 Magazine cover, Colour Me Good Tom Hiddleston coloring book, and we will even include the color pencils. (Donated by @amazingeddieredmayne)
  7. Flaunt Magazine with Tom Hiddleston and Zac Efron.
  8. Movie Magazine and Tom Hiddleston pull out photobook. (Donated by @susi079).
  9. Live Magazine Package that includes to different Tom Hiddleston covers.
  10. Time Out and GQ Magazine package. (Time Out Magazine donated by @sylindria)
  11. Additionally 10 winners will receive "Hiddlestoner" bracelets from LongbeardLeathers. 

How to Enter: 

*Past Charity Raffles*

Thank you to everyone for helping to support Unicef UK!

#HBDTWH Raffle (Ended February 2019)

  • We raised raised £4,633.87 for Unicef UK
  • Thank you to MintMintDoodles, gaminette, kthunter_author, finney13s, TeamAONN, and Butternut Gouache for donating prizes for the raffle. Congratulations to all of our winners: Amelia Lloyd, CT Tarras, HiddlesInAsia, Lisa_Hiddles, Maryxglz, Nikki Bosca, IrishLassofCork, Packrat10, Winterisakiller, ArtisticStephy, and LadyBlackheart98. 
  • Our prizes included: a commissioned drawing from MintMintDoodles, a Tom Hiddleston signed messaged book, a Tom Hiddleston signed Loki funko, The Night Manager press book, Marvel Art of Thor book, Loki minimates, Hamlet programmes, GQ Magazine, Lokim costume cards, a Tom Hiddleston theatre poster, and more. 

#ACERaffle (Ended October 2018)

  • We raised £2,554.96 for Unicef UK!  
  • Thank you to Tom's Midgardian Army for helping to organize the fundraiser. 
  • Thank you to kthunter_author, finney13s, mintmintdoodles, amazingeddieredmayne, Stolen Summers, and hiddleseducates for donating prizes for the raffle. Congratulations to all of our winners: silentmaggie, say-my-name-ass-but, swingcat, liebertwh, lisa_hiddles, Donna Leigh, Rose Green, and Zanzabar90. 
  • Our prizes included: A RADA Hamlet programme signed and inscribed by Tom Hiddleston, an official I Saw the Light soundtrack CD, Unrelated cast signed poster, Coriolanus tote bag,  M2 Magazine, Loki lego set, and other Loki memorabilia. 

#EarlyRaffle (Ended February 2018)

  • We raised £2,398.25 for Unicef UK!  
  • Thank you to frenchfrostpudding and mintmintdoodles for helping to organize the fundraiser. Thank you to kthunter, finney13sflowrchyld, HoliH1, and susi079 for donating prizes for the raffle. Congratulations to all of our winners: teafandomhive, bookishbatz, visualgoth, joalesh, theresamcline1, maryxglz, janvanfirst, vaishalibala, jdancef13, flore097, gerli49. catiemelrose, seaofolives, hina_kiefer, greyshark, and hiddlesnerd. 
  • Our prizes included: A cast signed RADA Hamlet programme, a MinitMintdoodles calendar, a coloring book, a dragon school cd, additional unsigned theatre programmes, and more. 

#RagnaRaffle (Ended October 2017)
  • We raised £3,320.92 for Unicef UK!  
  • Thank you to frenchfrostpudding and mintmintdoodles for helping to organize the fundraiser. Thank you to hiddlesinasia, Sylindria, and TheresaMCline1 for donating #RADAHamlet programmes. Thank you to TeamAONN and Debsloth1 for helping with additional prizes. Congratulations to all of our winners: janvanfirst, myclassicimprint, ysetchfield, claudyne, florencedupacifique, rita_lamb, teafantomhive, erinolenko, thehumming6bird, tarheelprincess, doras, susi079, helwel, knitronomicon, m_l_a_z, and lisa_hiddles. 
  • Our prizes included: Loki memorabilia, a #Hiddlespeare package, a signed Tom Hiddleston photo, quote cards, and more. 

#SSRaffle (Ended April 2017)
  • We raised £6.500 for Unicef UK’s East Africa Famine Appeal
  • Thank you to DisneyCastle88 for meeting with Tom Hiddleston, and helping to organize the raffle/fundraiser along with HiddlestonersHaveHeart. Thank you to flowrchyld and hiddlesnerd for donating additional prizes.  Congratulations to all of our winners: tarheelprincess, snoopysloth, candicehurley10, maryzglz, lothiriel_1, hiddlesinasia, gerli49, and janvanfirst. 
  • Our prizes included: a photo signed and inscribed by Tom specifically for the fundraiser, Thomas Sharpe Funko pops, Tom's 2017 GQ Magazine cover, and a costume card from Thor: the Dark World. 

    #HFRaffle (Ended February 2017)
    • We raised £14,678 for Unicef UK.
    • Thank you to HiddlestonersHaveHeart for organizing the fundraiser. Thank you to mintmintdoodles, frenchfrostpudding, wispwool, thraspberrytart, disneycastle88, lblaidd, and our anonymous donors for donating extra prizes. Congratulations to all of our winners: jadevalli, haveahiddles, tarheelprincess, finittasigfried, yersifanel, mavkg, lokidokeyy, reia_hizaki, disneycastle88, fionarhiannon, v.erit.y, hiddlesinasia, lothiriel_1, haeminhee, knitronomicon, catiemelrose, hiddlestonersau, verodwh, navgirl02, and erinthevampire. 
    • Our prizes included: signed Tom Hiddleston prints from Andy Gotts, magazines, a signed Tom Hiddleston photo, work from MintiMintDoodles, funkos, and other memorabilia. 

    *these fundraisers are 100% fan driven and not sponsored by any organization or charity*

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