Monday, January 6, 2020

BAFTA Rising Star Announcement (2020)

We're hosting a fundraiser for Unicef UK to mark Tom Hiddleston's birthday. If you are able, please donate! Also, we have prizes!!! The fundraiser closes on February 10, 2019. 

January 6, 2020:

Our first event of 2020 brought Tom Hiddleston's BAFTA story full circle. In 2012, Tom was nominated for the BAFTA Rising Star. 

In 2020, he was back to announce the nominees along with Edith Bowman. 

TFW you were once a nominee, but now you're the man on stage, and you keep that same energy. 

Tom took over the BAFTA Instagram page, and then reposted the videos and nominees on his own Instagram. I do believe this is the first time he has posted a video in his stories? 

This year's BAFTA Rising Star Nominees. You can learn more about each nominee - and more importantly, VOTE for your favorite - on the BAFTA website

Tom, Edith, and BAFTA CEO Amanda Berry with Rising Star nominees Micheal Ward and Jack Lowden. 

Thursday, December 26, 2019

2019: In Review

We're hosting a fundraiser for Unicef UK to mark Tom Hiddleston's birthday. If you are able, please donate! Also, we have prizes!!! The fundraiser closes on February 10, 2019. 

2019: A Year In Review 

2019 was fun right? At least in Hiddles-Land. It felt like every day there was a new interview, a new photoshoot, a new performance. It was surprisingly difficult for me to narrow it down to a Top 5. Especially when you think about how this year was dominated by one particular thing - we will get to that later

Number Five: Hype Man Tom 

I promise that this is the only label that I repeat from 2018, but seriously I could say this about Tom every year. Whether you were a co-star, a charity, or a tennis player he'd only just met, Tom Hiddleston had you covered 150% all year. 

In February, Tom was the literal poster boy for the Equity #MyCardMyUnion campaign. Which was followed up by 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 charity auctions from Comic Relief, Omaze, Charity Buzz, BFI Luminous etc.. Exactly figures were never released but I wouldn't be surprised if Tom Hiddleston raised more than £100,000. Betrayal Broadway also went on to raise another $100,000+ for Broadway Cares. 

The Betrayal Broadway 'throuple' was an unstoppable force that extended far beyond the stage. Tom (and Charlie Cox) were there as Zawe Ashton reached some major milestones in her career: publishing her first book Character Breakdown and the debut of her first Off Broadway play for all the women who thought they were Mad

... and Tom also lent his voice to the #SaveDaredevil campaign. 

But my far my favorite moment was the US Open. So, Tom Hiddleston randomly meets tennis player, Johanna Konta. Thus began not only one of the greatest runs from a British female tennis player at the US Open, but also a masterclass in the kind of supportive energy everyone needs in their lives. 

Number Four: Stage Door Tom

I went back and worth about whether Stage Door should have been included in the overall Betrayal moment but no, Tom Hiddleston at the stage door is a moment. Stage Door Tom is a legend, an icon, selfie master, king of sass, sweeter than Southern tea. 

Between West End and Broadway, Tom had more than 200 performances this year - and he came out for Stage Door after nearly ever single one of them. Whether you were forming an orderly queue in London or mosh pitting in NYC, you were in for a treat.

I would estimate that Tom met more than 10,000 fans. There were some incredibly moving moments like when he greeted a deaf fan in sign language. ps: British Sign Language is very different than American Sign Language. 

And there were some hilarious moments.

And then there was the Sass King ready to help everyone improve their selfie skills. 

Number Three: InstaTom 

So long Twitter Tom, hello InstaTom. Tom Hiddleston finally remember his Instagram password in 2019. He posted more times in 2019, than in the previous 3 years he was on IG combined. Selfie game was strong. Came at you with the filtered aesthetic. Even threw out some emojis...  

I'm still crying over the fact that Tom's first Betrayal Broadway selfie...

A post shared by Tom Hiddleston (@twhiddleston) on

...was also his last Betrayal Broadway selfie. 

And that squash video with Charlie Cox? Blessed. 

Number Two: Dou Sen

Tom Hiddleston was here to shake all the forests in 2019.  

Your imaginary boyfriend fed us with his Centrum ad

Then he served us during the BAFTA China launch. 

And finally he shook us with the Bosideng campaign. Now I know why he is called Shaking Forest. 

Alexa, how do I say "thank you" in Chinese? 

Number One: Betrayal 

Tom Hiddleston would often joke that Kenneth Branagh referred to the year they did Ivanov, Wallander, and the Thor casting as his "Hiddleston Year". 2019 was undeniably Hiddleston's "Betrayal Year". There was not a single month this year where Tom wasn't either rehearsing, performing, or doing promotions.

Two continents. 234 shows. 200,000 audience members. 

When I started compiling this list it was clear that every road would lead back to Betrayal. Hype Man Tom (5) went hard for his co-stars Charlie Cox and Zawe Ashton. There can't be a Stage Door Tom (4) without him first being on stage. InstaTom (3) had 19 Betrayal related posts this year - which is like 9283298 in Hiddles-Land. Even Dou Sen (2) incorporated Betrayal into his commercial and took time to thank all his Chinese fans for coming to the play. 

 Tom Hiddleston said that his heart belonged in the theatre. And even if you weren't personally there, we all felt the joy in his heart for being on stage again. And on Broadway! 

I expect to continue to hear more from Betrayal in 2020. Tom and his costars are all up for WhatsOnStage Awards. I would be shocked if there weren't also Tony and Olivier nominations in the future. Fun factoid: Even though the play is 40 years old and has countless revival - no actor has ever won a major award for Betrayal. This cast may just have what it takes.

Friday, December 20, 2019

Podcast: Open Ears Project (2019)

We're hosting a fundraiser for Unicef UK to mark Tom Hiddleston's birthday. If you are able, please donate! Also, we have prizes!!! The fundraiser closes on February 10, 2019. 

December 20, 2019: 

Tom Hiddleston stopped by WNYC Studios to spread a little holiday cheer on the Open Ears Project Podcast. 

The Open Ears Project allows people to share the classical track that means the most to them, and is hosted by Clemmie Burton-Hill. This is definitely the perfect place for Tom Hiddleston. Back in March, Tom was on another radio show to talk about the importance of music in film. Who could forget his infamous Song of the Day! Frequently he would listen a music score or instrumental pieces as his Song of the Day. 

You can listen to the podcast below or on the website. Tom chose Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker. Tom 

"I love this piece. I am 38 years old and I have been listening to it for 35 or 36 years - and that's not be trying to show off! When I was a very small child - in the early '80s - we had a family VHS player and we only had two video cassettes, and one of them was a performance of The Nutcracker by the Royal Scottish Ballet. And my elder sister and I must have watched this production over 50 times... I remember there was a green sofa. You know how when you're a child you're really aware of the fabric of furniture? You put your face against it and it feels cool or it feels warm. I used to leap off the sofa and dance around. It was one of my earliest memories. My pirouettes are not precise shall we say but I've always found the piece lifts me out of wherever I am..."

You can really feel Tom's childish enthusiasm for this music shining through when he speaks. It is so descriptive you feel like you were there..

Ms. Burton-Hill shared a picture of Tom on her Instagram. 

There's been a lot of questions about when was this recorded. On all their social media posts Tom, the host, and the studio mention today but based on the clock in the studio it was definitely pre-recorded at some point. The clock says 17:26 (5:26pm) but the pictures were released much earlier in the day. 

It is very possible Tom recorded this in September when he and Zawe did an interview with WNYC. 

You can see that Tom put his red sweater (John Smedley Crowford) over his blue sweater (John Smedley Lundy). Hey, that's one way to change up your outfit.