Who Wore It Better?

When two celebrities wear the same item only one can be crowned Best Dressed! 

(names appear in Alphabetic Order)

Tom Hiddleston v Richard Armitage

Aquatalia must be the official shoe for AOL Build appearances because both Tom Hiddleston and Richard Armitage appeared on the show wearing the Ace boot. 

Tom Hiddleston v Henry Cavill

Marvel and DC Comics battle it out in Dunhill. Tom Hiddleston wore a Dunhill polo sweater to Comic Con 2016 while Henry Cavill wore the same sweater at a SiriusXM Radio event. 

Tom Hiddleston v Benedict Cumberbatch

Twinning at Comic Con. San Diego Comic Con 2015, Tom debuted his Richard James linen jacket and Benedict must have been impressed because he wore the same jacket to Comic Con a year later. 

Tom Hiddleston v Tom Ellis

The God of Mischief versus Lucifer himself. Tom Ellis was photographed wearing this Brunello Cucinelli pin stripe suit for an issue of August Man and Tom Hiddleston wore this to the Tribeca Tune-In. 

Tom Hiddleston v Chris Evans (Round 1)

Not only did Tom and where the same Nice Laundry Socks and Louboutin shoes, they were them on the same EXACT Day: April 11, 2016! Chris Evans went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote Captain America: Civil War and Tom Hiddleston was at TimesTalk in NYC discussing The Night Manager. 

Tom Hiddleston v Chris Evans (Round 2)

The Battle of the Burberry Polo. Tom Hiddleston was photographed for the June 2016 issue of Esquire UK while Chris Evans wore the same Burberry Polo for a press event in Singapore. 

Tom Hiddleston v Michael Fassbender 

People have always commented that Tom and Michael  look alike, but did you also know that they dress like in matching Gucci accessories? 

Tom Hiddleston v Domhnall Gleeson

They even stand alike! Tom Hiddleston at the TIFF premiere for I Saw the Light in 2015 and Domnhall Gleeson attending Wimbledon 2017 both wearing a navy Polo Ralph Lauren suit and knit tie. 

Tom Hiddleston v Ryan Gosling

Hey Girl! Step One: Put on a Gucci suit. Step Two: Relax. Both Ryan Gosling and Tom Hiddleston make this Gucci suit look good!  

Tom Hiddleston v Tom Holland

Tom Holland and Tom Hiddleston aka Tom H² were both living their best lives while doing movie promotions in Mexico. 

Tom Hiddleston v Samuel L. Jackson 

Tom and Sam have shared the screen in Marvel and Kong but they also share a love for Giorgio Armani. Samuel L. Jackson wore this Giorgio Armani velvet blazer to the 2013 GQ Style Awards and Tom later wore it at the Toronto International Film Festival. 

Tom Hiddleston v Jared Leto 

These two Gucci muses both wore the same red piping tuxedo. Tom in the Gucci Tailoring campaign and Jared Leto at the 2016 Oscars. 

Tom Hiddleston v Zachary Levi

Tom and Zachary are great friends and great dressers. Tom famously wore this Reiss Rimini suit to the Cannes Film Festival in 2013 and Zachary wore the same suit to the Iron Man 3 premiere in LA. 

Tom Hiddleston v James Marsden

Tom Ford must be the official shoe sponsor of GQ Magazine because both Tom Hiddleston and James Marsden wore the Tom Ford Orford sneaker for their GQ photoshoots. 

Tom Hiddleston v Jordan Peele

Who needs to Get Out of this suit? Tom Hiddleston actually debuted this Gucci suit in the his Gucci tailoring campaign and wore it again for this BAFTA LA Tea Party. Director/Comedian Jordan Peele for the same suit for a screening of his film, Get Out. (I will give Mr. Peele some extra bonus points for daring to wear the printed Gucci shoes too). 

Tom Hiddleston v Eddie Redmayne (Round 1)

To Bee or not to Bee? Former schoolmates and Early Man co-stars, Tom Hiddleston and Eddie Redmayne, are both A+ Gucci sweater wearers.

Tom Hiddleston v Eddie Redmayne (Round 2) 

Gucci suit - check. Sultry pose - check check. There must be a class at Eton and/or Cambridge where they teach you how to stare longingly at the camera while wearing the f### out of a suit. 

Tom Hiddleston v Alexander Skarsgard

Both Tom and Alexander chose this striking blue Alexander McQueen suit while promoting their films in 2016.

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