Thursday, March 22, 2018

I Saw the Light premiere in LA (2016)

March 22, 2016: 

After a four month delay, the red carpet premiere for I Saw The Light was held at the Eqyptian Theatre in Los Angeles. You can see the Egyptian themed artwork on the building. 

Casey Bond, James Dumont, Denise Gosett, Tom Hiddleston, director Marc Abraham, Josh Brady, Will Beinbrink, Sony Pictures Classics Co-President Tom Bernard, Maddie Hasson, and Elizabeth Olsen all attended. 

There was a cute moment on the red carpet where Tom was mimicing Lizzie's poses! 

Tom talked about the appeal of playing a historical person: 

"The interesting thing for me as an actor is bridging the gap between myself and the character, trying to find a common ground. In a way what you have to do is construct a filter which is an external appearance and a sense of dress and a sense of how this person is put together... and the you fill that filter with yourself, and the aspects of yourself that are appropriate for the characters... Hank, he's a performer, someone who loved being on stage and he loved that thrill of a connection with an audience. And I feel that too as an actor. I started in the theatre and when I was up on that stage I felt like I was filling those boots with whatever else I had."  

The after party was held at Sadie's Kitchen. This venue permanently closed less than two months after the premiere. 


Find someone who looks at you the way Tom looks at Tom. 

RZA was a surprise guest for the after party. I wonder if T-Hiddy showed off his rapping skills. 

Prior to the premiere, Tom Hiddleston was on Jimmy Kimmel Live showing off his yodeling skills. 


Tom wore an Alexander McQueen suit in a beautiful shade of China Blue. 

Along with Christian Louboutin Greggo Flats and London Sock Co Shaken and Stirred Socks. These socks caused quite the buzz since Tom was rumored to be the next James Bond at the time. 


Jimmy Kimmel Live

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