Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Book of Mormon Opening Night (2013)

March 21, 2013: 

Tom Hiddleston attended the opening night performance of The Book of Mormon on the West End. The Book of Mormon is a musical comedy about two Mormons who go to Africa to preach. It was written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone who created South Park, along with Robert Lopez who co-wrote Frozen.

Book of Mormon cast performing at the Olivier Awards. 

Tom Hiddleston on the red carpet. 

Tom talking about how he wasn't able to get tickets for Book of Mormon in NYC and wanting to do a musical himself one day (let's make that happen). 


Tom wore his bespoke Armani three-piece suit along with a jacket (try as hard as I may) I have never been able to identify. Anyone have any guesses? 


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