Saturday, March 11, 2017

Shortlist Magazine: One Cool Cat (2015)

October 8, 2015: 

Tom Hiddleston covered the October 2015 issue of Shortlist Magazine. In the interview Tom discusses his transformation into Hank Williams for I Saw the Light, along with his other upcoming movies High-Rise and Crimson Peak. You can read the full interview by Andrew Dickens here

My favorite quote: 
“I’m not pretending I don’t have bad days, but making those public? Feelings are transient, but if you make them public, post them, it’s forever. You can’t eradicate the record of what happened yesterday. There’s more than enough negativity in the world and I don’t feel like I need to contribute to that. I should add that I believe in accountability. If you’ve got something to say, then you should say that in person to somebody, as opposed to hiding behind anonymity, just throwing it over the wall like a paper aeroplane.”

Accompanying the interview is a photoshoot from Charlie Gray.

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