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Tribeca Tune In: The Night Manager (2016)

April 15, 2016: 

Tom Hiddleston and Susanne Bier brought The Night Manager to the Tribeca Film Festival for their first ever Tribeca Tune In. This is the fourth first ever event Tom took part in during the 2016 press tour so I'm pretty sure they were just inventing events for him to come to (Thanks for that).

This was extra special for Susanne Bier because April 15th is her birthday! 

TFW the photographers say you look handsome. 

Red carpet interview with Arthur Kade.  

The Tune In was moderated by Caryn James. They discuss the process of filming the series like a long film, the motivations of each of the characters, and the one person who can't be charmed by Tom Hiddleston. 

(3:50) What really motivates Pine? "I know for myself what I think he's driven by but it's one of those things where I'm hesitant because I also want you to make your minds up. There are a whole host of things that it could be..."

(7:23) How are actors like spies? "To give ourselves definition and self esteem in the world we all tell ourselves the story of ourselves, and we are reassured by the reflection of that story in the outside world by our family and by our friends. We say 'This is who I am. This is where I was born. This is who my friends are. This is what I like to eat. This is the music I listen to. This is how I dress.". And unknowingly or knowingly we put together a sense of identity. And I think a spy surrenders that identity or allows for multiplicity and movement within it. In some way, actors do this to - which is allowing yourself to embrace your potential to be other things. You're not just one thing you are not just one person, you can express many things. We contain multitudes..."

(14:32) How did the dynamic change with Olivia Colman being cast as Burr (a male in the books)? "Susanne told me quite early on and it was an idea I loved. And from that moment I never questioned it. Strangely enough until this very moment, I've not conceived of what it would've been like with a man. I think it works beautifully...  (the relationship) was much more gentle..."

(16:30) What was the dynamic between you and Hugh Laurie? "We talked through everything. We still talk through everything. Working with Hugh was extraordinary because he's been such a passionate defender of this story for so long. He loves it. It's one of his favorite novels of all time..."

(25:40) How do you put the scene together when so much of Pine is about hiding what he's feeling from everyone else? "The book became a kind of constant companion. I would always try to check in with the book in my preparation at the weekend or at night and to re-familiarize myself with those passages because it gives you an extra cushion or you have something that can really elevate what you're doing. In the end, I simply had to trust the story and trust you as an audience that the story was strong enough. That you would read - I hope - what I was concealing in a way that wasn't so loud that people in the room onscreen would read it..."

Tribeca Portrait Studio photoshoot with Larry Busacca.

NY Daily News photoshoot with Derek Reed. 



Tom Hiddleston wore a pinstripe Brunello Cucinelli suit with Aquatalia Ace boots. 

Another British Tom, Tom Ellis, was also spotted wearing this suit. 

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