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ACE Comic Con: Seattle (2018)

June 22-24, 2018: 

Tom Hiddleston attended ACE Comic Con in Seattle along with other Marvel stars Tom Holland, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, and Hayley Atwell. 

Here is an advertisement for the event: 

Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth were also originally scheduled to appear but unfortunately had to drop out. Due to that Tom Hiddleston added an extra day (Friday) to accommodate fans. Here is a look at his ACE schedule - it is absolutely packed! VIP Tom packages sold for $551 and photo-ops/autographs were $200 each. 

Day One (Friday):

Friday was a "short" day with only five items on the schedule. The day got off to a slow start with the first photo session starting 30 minutes late. Tom ended up staying two hours after closing to finish up all the photo ops and autograph sessions.  The first look at Tom Hiddleston came courtesy of n0namae

I love reading everyone's stories from meeting Tom. It seems like he took time to make a personal connection with every single fan at the event even though it was incredibly busy. Here are some of the highlights from Day One: 

Tom meeting Cas (arrowcycle) who helps raise awareness and create costumes for people in wheelchairs.

My favorite Tom story so far came from Joey_Shadows67:  
“You can breathe. You’re alright. Keep on going. It’s all you, not me.”

- T. Hiddleston

Day one of Ace comic con in Seattle. Such an amazing time with amazing people. Got to meet Tom Hiddleston, which was probably the greatest moment of my life. When it was my turn to have my photo taken, I was having a bit of a panic attack. When he asked how I was, I tried to tell him “I'm fine” and the words that came out of my mouth were, “I don't think I can breathe.” He pulled my into his side, tucking me under his arm rather protectively, and told me, “You can breathe, you can breathe, you're alright." I have never felt more reassured and safe in my life.

And when I went to go get his autograph later, I gave him this big spiel about how he has inspired me so much as a human being as well as an actor and I told him about my panic attack and how him telling me to breathe calmed me down. He told me to keep on going, and that it was all me, and not him. He was so kind and so gentle and so sweet and just UUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHH

A beautiful post from CherrisBombsToday called me an inspiration to him. He said I was amazing and that I can keep going. He also said I look fantastic but, he just so kind. I am blown away a short total of 5 minutes of talking changed my entire life. Thank you so much, Tom. You mean the world to me

Tom posing with Meryl, the cosplay service dog!

A photo posted by kristafeather6 years in the making - I met the man that introduced me to my love of Shakespeare. We talked Shakespeare. We talked Shakespeare in the classroom. We talked British theatre. We talked so much his security had to shoo us away (twice!). As we walked away, he called back - “Wait! What was your name?” And then when I came back to get his autograph, he remembered me. He is a dream, a gentleman, and a legend; “For nothing so becomes a man as modest stillness and humility...” (Henry V, St Crispins Day Speech) 

A photo posted by marrae13

A photo posted by Okameu. 

A photo posted by iamqueenfal.

A photo posted by _ismybones

A photo posted by proudhiddleston

Tartofpop has my favorite picture taken all weekend: Loki Skywalker

Day Two (Saturday): 

Tom Hiddleston had a very busy second day at ACE Comic Con with SIXTEEN different photo-op and autograph sessions scheduled.

A beautiful Day 2 story from the Capes and Crowns Foundation (A non-profit making imaginations come alive through the power of photography for children with life-altering circumstances.):

No words for and how amazing it has been for one of our kiddos, Mac! The staff, vendors, and con goers have all treated Mac like the superhero that he is! And the weekend still isn’t over! ❤️ Thank you for putting a smile on his face, Ace!

Another staff member at ACE met the boy and had this to say:  I was working at the Ace Comicon today. I met a boy very sick w cancer who met you. I had to tell you how wonderful you were. He was so happy you PICKED him up and he was so proud to stand w you and not be in his bed, that family was happy you are a real superhero!

There were a lot of great Loki cosplayers on Day 2: Kamiki77thejennybot, jusmischief, indyphenom2

Mich2k is winning father/husband of the year for bringing his family to meet Tom.

I don't think this doggy was as happy to meet Tom as every one else, posted by headxcold.

A post by el_muchacho831Me and my family with @twhiddleston and my daughter was so excited to meet Loki she cried

A real life Catholic Priest stopped by, FatherGuillermo

Charlie's Angels! A photo posted by caustic_starfishie

In addition to solo sessions, Tom Hiddleston was also included in a group VIP and photo ops with fellow Avengers Tom Holland, Sebastian Stan, and Anthony Mackie. 

A great photo posted by totestomholland

When Spider-Man met Spider-Man. A photo by CosplayAgainstBullying dedicated to raising awareness for the psychological effects of bullying. 

The Avengers Meet Buddy Cop Movie - a photo by RuchGupt

Doctor Strange and Black Widow joined the party. (I can't find the original source for this picture, if this is yours or you know whose it is let me know so I can credit them)

Tom signing autographs, he looks just as excited to meet the fans as they are to meet him. Photo from Ace Comic Con. 

The Tom Hs had some free time in the photo booth. Posted by Ace Comic Con

Day Three (Sunday):  

On the final day of the Con Tom Hiddleston had nine photo op sessions, four autograph sessions, and closed out the event with a solo Conversation with Tom Hiddleston panel.

The first look at Tom on Day Three came courtesy of CassidyR who said it was a dream come true. 

An awesome cosplay by AutumnFallen

Group photos with Tom Hiddleston, Tom Holland, Sebastian Stan, and Anthony Mackie: barnxs, tvaddictgurl

Group photos with Tom Holland, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Paul Bettany, and Elizabeth Olsen: n_s_31394, khatdeg, bryan_zavodsky

The Avengers posing with the Avengers of Bullying, an childhood antibullying organization. You can read more on their story here. From Sebastian Stan
Love these superheroes! Thank you for being YOU. Keep being you and don’t listen to anybody who tells you otherwise

Tom also spent time signing many collectibles which should be hitting ebay soon for people that couldn't attend. Here he is with Twin Cities Comics

Tom closed out the day with our hour long Panel. He starts off with a special message to his fans. Tom also talks about Loki/Marvel, the directors he has worked with (Kenneth Branagh, the Russos, Susanne Bier, Steven Spielberg, Taika Waititi etc), and his other projects. Tom Holland joins the panel halfway through. Some interesting things I learned: The actor who played Ebony Maw in Infinity War (Tom Vaughan-Lawlor) was Tom Hiddleston's mentor at RADA so that brings things very much full circle for him, and Tom talked about his secret visit to a children's hospital in London where they showed a special screening of Infinity War. Also, Tom Holland said they both watched the England World Cup match this morning in their pajamas!

$1 from every ticket sold at ACE Comic Con went to Save the Children and the event raised $12,000

Final ACE Story from Day Three: toddanderin And here’s why I love this man: I explained how much Caitlin wanted a picture with him, and that she’s back in the hospital with another infection. This girl worships Tom. I said, “The only way I can get a picture of you two together is like this.” He said, “Of course, that’s lovely,” in his British way. He asked if I’d like to be in the photo too and I burst into laughter. “Are you nuts? I horn in on Caitlin’s picture with you and she’ll rise from her hospital bed to murder me!” Tom has a wonderful laugh and a huge and generous heart. Thank you thank you for giving this little girl her greatest wish.
. … I just sent the photo to her mother and she instantly started crying. Caitlin’s sleeping 20 hours a day- she woke her up to see the photo and Cait screamed like a banshee. 🎉🎉🎉. 

Also, $1 from every ticket sold at ACE Comic Con went to Save the Children. Right before 


Friday/Saturday - Tom Hiddleston wore the Ralph Lauren button up he debuted during Infinity War press in London. On Sunday, Tom wore his John Smedley sweater ($250). It's difficult for me to tell based on the pictures but he is mostly likely wearing his J Brand jeans ($270) all three days. along with his Mykita glasses and Kurt Geiger Frederick boots from #RADAHamlet.

A lot of fans at the Comic Con commented on how good Tom smells and wanted to know what cologne he wears. Tom Hiddleston currently uses Armani Prive Oud Royal


As some of you may know - I started chemotherapy in March so my doctors wouldn't allow me to travel to Seattle for ACE Comic Con. Thank you so much to the people at ACE and their autograph room sponsors, The Comic Monster, for providing us with some new items to use in our next fundraiser/raffle. They also had everything authenticated so there is no confusion. The rest is silence is Hamlet's last line in the play. I will share the full story of why we chose that and also the story behind the signings when we announce the next fundraiser so watch this space

Also, if you are interested the Comic Monster has other signed memorabilia from Tom Hiddleston, Tom Holland, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Hayley Atwell, and more available on their website.  



  1. Well he didn't wear a watch at that press junket in London either, so I guess he doesn't wear it with that blue shirt :)

    1. Ha, the watch ruins the aesthetic of his shirt!

    2. It's a very nice shirt it would be a pity to ruin it ;)

  2. I was so fortunate to get to meet Tom. It was on Day 3 and you could tell how tired he was. But he was so kind to everyone. I did a solo op with him and had my special needs son wait for me to the side. Tom waited, asking if my son wanted to be in it. And he did his best/kindest to chat for the few aeconds I had for the autograph. (It was after his panel last day, and I felt awful he had to stay later.) But that smile was worth it.

    1. Yeah, Tom ended up needing to stay late each day at ACE. I'm very glad you will still able to make a beautiful new memory!

  3. Great tips, many thanks for sharing. I have printed and will stick on the wall! I like this blog. Kamini