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"Done In Seconds" Short Film Competition (2012-2013)

November 9, 2012: 

Tom Hiddleston was announced as the Ambassador the the 2013 Jameson Empire 'Done in 60 Seconds' Competition. The competition is for amateur film makers to recreate known films in 60-seconds and is a part of the Empire Film Awards. 

Tom sat down with Empire to discuss the competition. 

Empire: How does it feel to be the ambassador of the Jameson Empire Done in 60 Seconds film competition? 
Tom: I think it's really exciting and important within our industry to keep the doors open and allow new aspiring film makers to come through and join the ranks of the established, and show everybody how much they appreciate their inheritance as a younger generation. 
Empire: What did you think of last year's entries? 
Tom: I love the fact that people seemed incredibly imaginative with the form. So, people don't simply send in live action footage. Some people animate, and some people do stop motion. The idea that the film is so fluid in terms of what you present to the camera. It's simply an image whether it's an animated image or a digitally created image or real footage of a real human being in a real situation, or a series of the three. 
Empire: Which of your films would you like to see remade in sixty seconds?
Tom: I'd love to see people remake films I've been in. I find that really amusing apart from anything else. Because from inside I have my own perspective and I'll never know what the outside perspective is until someone shows me. I think Thor could be hilarious in 60 seconds. And I also think it would be quite funny if there was a 60 second version of Loki being Hulk smashed for every single one of 60 seconds. I think that would be amusing. 
Empire: Which film would you remake? 
Tom: Instinctively right here, right now, I'm thinking Jurassic Park in 60 seconds is fun. There's a lawyer who comes to the island and he gets eaten by the T-Rex while he's sitting on the loo and I've always thought that was really funny. 
Empire: What tips would you give this year's DISS entrants?  
Tom: Trust your instinct. I think often in the course of film-making if you think about things too much your brain gets in the way and your instinct will keep you safe. I would say act not on impulse but act on instinct, and stay true to that. Also having a camera helps. If you're gonna make a film, a camera is a really useful. 

March 22, 2013: 

Five months later, the selection jury and the finalists met up for the Done in 60 Seconds Global Final in London. The jury, comprised of Tom Hiddleston, Joanne Froggatt, Edith Bowman, and Alex Zane, narrowed down the finalist from 23 to five winning shorts that went on to the main Empire Awards ceremony on March 24, 2013. The final five shorts included recreations of Twilight, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Argo, Memento, and the ultimate winner Blade Runner from Philip Askins. 
Tom discussing how it's possible to judge a film that's only 60 seconds long: Teaser trailers are only a minute and a half, full trailers are a couple of minutes. We're quite used to being able to receive a big impression of an idea in a couple of minutes. If you're putting a film together, a series of choices - a hundred choices, two hundred, three hundred - get made along the way, and every single decision is made with your particular taste, and your particular vision. Even though it's only 60 seconds long, you get a sense of someone's taste, which is completely different from person to person. Which is why cinema continues to be interesting, because it isn't made in a factory, it's made from someone's heart and head. Even with these small films you get a sense of how they see the world, whether it's really silly and dry and subversive, or epic and deep. So this is why we can talk about them as if they're bigger than 60 seconds of assembly. 



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