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Armani Fashion Show (2012)

January 15, 2012: 

Tom Hiddleston attended the Emporio Armani Fall 2012 Menswear Fashion show in Milan. This was Tom's first time attending a fashion show for any designer and as a self-proclaimed Italophine it probably was an easy trip to make. Unlike Gucci, there was never any official endorsement deal or campaign with Armani. Tom Hiddleston was simply refer to as a "friend of the house". And that friendship lasted nearly four years with Armani dressing him almost exclusively from 2010-2013. 

Tom was seated in the Front Row next to sporting legends Andrea Masi (Italian Rugby Union) Christof Innerhofer (Italian World Cup Alpine Skier), Alexander Kerzhakov (Russian Footballer) and Italian Rapper Marracash.

Tom Hiddleston backstage with Giorgio Armani and his niece Roberta Armani. Surprisingly, Tom didn't wear any of the looks from this show but he definitely got some snug fitting blue sweater inspiration! If my memory is correct this is the only time Tom was ever pictured with Mr. Armani. 

Some more backstage photos. Every time I see Tom at events like this I always wonder why he never did any professional modeling. 


You can watch the full runway show here. Tom is sitting about a third of the way in on the front row and is easy to see throughout the presentation. 


Tom Hiddleston was appropriately dressed in full Emporio Armani - because it would be awkward to show up in another designer. (Although he did go to a Michael Kors event wearing McQueen. Oops!)  As much as Tom loves to rewear clothes this was sadly a look that was never repeated. I would have especially loved to see this Lambskin Biker Jacket again. 


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Additional pictures came from the Armani News Blog which no longer exists.

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