Thursday, May 25, 2017

Deadline's The Contenders Emmy Event (2016)

April 10, 2016: 

The Night Manager was included in Deadline's first ever Emmy Contender's Event. Producers Simon Cornwell and Stephen Garrett joined stars Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie for a panel, moderated by Pete Hammond, at the DGA Theater in Los Angeles. (This is the same theater where the LA premiere for TNM was held.) Photographed by Eric Schwabel. 

Unfortunately, a full video of the panel has never been released but you can watch a short highlight reel below.  Somehow all of Pine's shirtless scenes made it into the highlight reel. 😼

(1:00) Tom is asked about Pine's many disguises: "He's someone who has hidden behind anonymity of uniform. The uniform of a Night Manager, and the uniform of a soldier. He's someone who's accustomed to living a system of rules with a skill set that includes diplomacy, and elegance, and charm, and refinement, and everybody trusts him. But the events of the story compel him to stand up for something - to find that flag to fight for. The layers of that was a thrilling challenge. As well as this incredibly romantic, brave thing that he does. To be a spy is to live without intimate relationships. And to try to take down an international arms dealer, it to live within the jaws of of the beast knowing that they could snap shut at any time. And if they do - he's a dead man."


There are two rules of the universe. The sun rises in the east, and if I really love something Tom Hiddleston will only wear it once. As is the case with the double Brunello Cucinelli linen blazer + crew-neck striped sweater combo. Le sigh.

He could've at least worn these stripey socks again. 

Early in his career, Tom embraced stripes as a key part of his wardrobe. 

He was also wearing his J Brand Tyler jean and Aquatalia Ace boots. 


Eric Schwabel

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