Friday, July 27, 2018

Performing at Nell's Jazz and Blues (2018)

July 26, 2018: 

Tom Hiddleston made a surprise appearance during Rodney Crowell's concert at Nell's Jazz and Blues in London. Rodney served as executive music producer on the film, I Saw the Light, where Tom played country music legend Hank Williams. They got the band back to together on stage to perform Williams' hit song Move It On Over

Rodney Crowell's set was also supported by Joe Robinson and Eamon McLoughlin, along with opener Jessica Sweetener. 

Afterwards author Kathy Lette posted about the show: my new discovery - Aussie guitar wonder Joe Robinson who set the stage on fire with the legendary Rodney Crowell tonight. The icing on the pleasure pie was Tom Hiddleston leaping up to joining the boys for a duet. 

Rodney posted this picture of him and Tom on his instagramSometimes in London movie stars jump up on stage and sing Hank Williams songs. @twhiddleston

In another twist of fate Tom wore a very similar look while rehearsing for I Saw the Light with Rodney in 2014 - he just needs a hat! 


Yee-haw imo Tom Hiddleston's looks much more like a country music star now with his long hair and beard than when he played Hank Williams! It's very difficult to make out what Tom is wearing based on the lighting in the area. It's possible he's wearing his pale blue button up (it's definitely an old shirt) but I will need better images to determine that. Tom is also wearing his Mykita Mylon Triton glasses and J Brand jeans ($270). 


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