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The Night Manager: Jonathan Pine's Wardrobe (2016)

The Night Manager:

In The Night Manager, Tom Hiddleston stars as Jonathan Pine (and his many aliases) - a hotel manager and former soldier recruited to help take down the worst man in the world. The series was a huge success with both viewers and critics - Tom went on to win a Golden Globe for his performance. 

The Night Manager has by far the most extensive wardrobe Tom Hiddleston has worn on screen to date - and the most modern. With a budget of £20 million there was plenty to spend on new clothes but surprisingly there are also several instances in the series where Tom wore items from his own closet. Tom talking about how the wardrobe helped to define each character: "The costume designer (Signe Sejlund) and I were quite specific about his hotel uniform, which had to be elegant yet refined but also be modest and dutiful so you don't stand out. You just have to look trustworthy and presentable, so I found that getting into that costume gave me a sense of modesty and duty. When Pine is out of that stuff (the hotel uniform), when he's wearing his own clothes or.. when he goes undercover and starts wearing more casual clothes like leather jackets and riding a motorcycle, that felt very different. Each of his identities were very specifically delineated in terms of what they wear." 

The Looks: 

We first see Jonathan Pine as he's making his way through a riot in Cairo - Pine isn't gonna let a little old armed uprising keep him from getting to work. This is the first of many scenes where Tom is wears his own clothing. 

His Nefertiti Hotel uniform is the Garda suit by Reiss. Reiss is a brand Tom himself is very fond of and has worn many times. 

This is where Pine meets Sophie (played by Aure Atika) - the catalyst for most of the events in the series. 

*spoiler alert* After some secret divulging and sexy time Sophie is murdered. Pine then packs up and heads to Switzlerand to become the Night Manager at the Meisters Hotel. It's there that Pine runs into the worst man in the world, Richard Roper (played by Hugh Laurie), who was responsible for Sophie's death. A lot of detail went into the hotelier uniform, Roman Tavast, posted a blog about the process for making the lapel pins. 

Pine is then recruited by Angela Burr (played by Olivia Colman) to become an undercover agent and take down Roper. I really wish I had been able to ID the military jacket in this scene but it was never shown in much detail. 

Pine is now transformed into a super secret agent. His first alias is the total hardass Jack Linden. To match Linden's attitude Tom is wearing Under Armour sunglasses, a Matchless London leather jacket, and riding a Triumph Thruxton 900 motorcycle. Additionally, this is another scene with his own clothes: colorblock hoodie, jbrand Kane jeans, and Hitec USA Renegade boots. 

There was a second look for Jack Linden in production wearing a different Matchless London jacket and Ray-Ban sunglasses.  Unfortunately this didn't make it to the final episode. 

Linden uses a different kind of skill set to get close to a new lady and steal her ex-man's identity. Who could resist a guy wearing these Derek Rose London boxer shorts? 

Pine- now known as Thomas Quince - receives one heck of beat down rescuing Roper's son and is invited back to the family's lavish compound in Spain. Pretty much everything we see Thomas Quince wear belongs to another Thomas - Hiddleston: Nike Jordan sweatpantsVans Slip-On shoes, jbrand jeans, striped shorts, shirts, striped shorts etc. 

Thomas Quince did wear a new Green Henley shirt that I was unfortunately never able to identify. 

Pine's final transformation is into Andrew Birch. Andrew Birch gets a swanky new wardrobe full of suits from Thom Sweeney* reportedly. (In an interesting parallel Tom Hiddleston wore Thom Sweeney to the LA premiere for The Night Manager). Pictured is assistant costume designer Bart Cariss taking measurement's: waist to floor 45", thigh 23", chest 41", and waist 32.5" for those interested. 

 Andrew Birch also sports military garb from Viper Tactical during a field test in Turkey. 

In the final episode - the group heads back to the Nefertiti Hotel in Egypt where it all started. Pine gets his revenge on Roper and those responsible for Sophie's death - all the while making off with Roper's lady Jed (played by Elizabeth Debicki). 

Tom Hiddleston did continue his tradition of bringing home something from set with this Tissot watch which became a staple of his real life wardrobe. 

I hope everyone enjoyed this look back at The Night Manager. Hopefully we will be in for much more fashion when Season 2 finally happens. 


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  1. Hey! Do you guys happen to know what tie he was wearing in his Nefertiti Hotel uniform? I can't seem to figure out the pattern.