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London Film Festival Awards (2012)

October 20, 2012:

Future BFI Ambassador Tom Hiddleston attended the BFI London Film Festival Awards held at the Banqueting House in London. Tom had the honor of serving as a juror for the awards and helped to select the winner of Best British Newcomer. Other jury members included Sir David Hare, David Yates, Olivia Colman, Pablo Trapero, Nansun Shi, David Heyman, Kazuo Ishiguru, Eran Creevy, and Sebastian Faulks. 

Tom on how it feels to be part of the jury: A huge honor first of all. This is my first time doing jury duty. It's one of those things where I feel very fortunate and very privileged to be asked. It's an honor to think that my opinion is worth anything because I love watching films anyway. I'm just very pleased to be able to get to see very early on the work of some of our best new filmmakers because that's the one I am judging - the Best British Newcomer Award. It really makes me that the future of British film is in incredible safe and exciting hands because the films that I've seen have been extraordinary in scale and ambition and rigor and authenticity so it's really great. 

Tom on how they decided on the winner: Eventually what impelled us to agree on a decision was David (Heyman) suggested, he said "of all of the characters in all the films who do you care about the most?". As in who moved you? Who grabbed your heart? Who were you rooting for? And in the end that became our decision. It was really about being emotionally invested in the human being that the story was about. 

Also there's a part where the interviewer congratulates Tom on recently winning a Best Newcomer Award that he can't remember winning. Thankfully my memory is better than his lol - Tom won Best Male Newcomer at the 2012 Empire Awards. He also won Best Newcomer at the Olivier Awards in 2008. 

Tom and his future The Night Manager co-star Olivia Colman presented the Best British Newcomer Award to Sally El Hosaini. Sally had written and directed the crime drama My Brother the Devil. 

Helena Bonham Carter was awarded the BFI Fellowship along with Tim Burton. This is the highest honor and recognizes outstanding contribution to film or television culture. You can see Tom cheering his good friend on as she goes to receive her award. There's also a nice picture of the three of them together after the show. Sadly, Tom and Helena have never appeared in a film together but they did both collaborate on The Love Book.

 Tom at the post show Drinks Reception. In the last picture he is talking with Helen McCrory.



Tom Hiddleston wore a black satin lapel tuxedo from Giorgio Armani. He also wore it to the 2013 BAFTA Awards. 



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