Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Equity "My Card My Union" Campaign (2019)

February 12, 2019: 

Equity launched the #MyCardMyUnion campaign to celebrate their 90th anniversary as the main union for actors, creatives, and entertainers in the UK. Equity plays an important role in making sure that members are paid fairly and to combat sexual harassment or discrimination. Members are encouraged to share a picture with their card and express why they are proud to be an Equity member. The campaign also seeks to recruit new members. You can check your eligibility to join here.  Fees are based on a sliding scale and additional discounts are available for young people, students, recent graduates, and retirees. 

Tom Hiddleston was one of the many famous faces lending their support for the campaign. Tom doesn't have a public page on the website but based on the eligibility requirements I will estimate that he has most likely been a member since 2001 when he filmed The Gathering Storm. 

Tom is also a member of the US-equivalent actor's union, SAG-AFTRA. He earned his SAG card while filming the first Thor movie. 

Other High-Profile Supporters included:

Daniel Craig. 

Olivia Colman.

Jodie Whittaker. 

David Tennant. 

Richard Armitage. 

Alfred Enoch. 

Gemma Chan.

All portraits were taken by Phil Adams

"Overwhelmingly proud to have shot the #mycardmyunion campaign for @equityuk . More than 600 individual sessions over 2 years using a pop up studio in mulitple locations, inside and out, some private and some extremely public! A huge thank you to everyone who has taken part to support their union and to Equity for getting me on board to shoot it in the first place, i’ve had a lot of fun and met a lot of truly lovely people."


Tom Hiddleston is wearing the PS by Paul Smith Pea Coat from RADA Hamlet.  

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