Sunday, February 17, 2019

Graham Norton: Kong Skull Island (2017)

February 17, 2017: 

They say the third time's the charm and Tom Hiddleston's third visit to the Graham Norton Show did not disappoint. Tom was joined on the couch by Daniel Radcliffe, Joshua McGuire, Ruth Wilson, Ricky Gervais, and musical guest Tinie Tempah. You can watch the full episode here

Tom and Ruth previously appeared together in a television series called Suburban Shootout.  Tom described them their characters as a "young teenage couple struggling with life". Graham dug up a hilarious still of them getting "quite close" from the show. 

You can watch video from the scene below: 

Tom was there to promote his film Kong: Skull Island which he referred to as "Planet Earth on steroids". 

Tom recounted a time at Eton when played the right leg of an elephant ridden by Eddie Redmayne in A Passage to India. 

Tom and Eddie pictured as students at Eton. 

Two Toms and a Jellyfish. Tom Hiddleston also gave his version an incident with Tom Hollander while filming The Night Manager. 

“Tom got stung by a jellyfish and he shouted across the beach, ‘I say old sport could you come and pee on me?’ and I engagingly obliged” 

Hiddleston's version is much milder than the one Hollander originally gave on the Jonathan Ross Show in 2016. 


Tom Hiddleston wore a patterned three-piece and check bee jaquard tie from Gucci. 

During this show, Daniel Radcliffe tells the story of how he wore the same outfit to keep the paparazzi from taking pictures of him. A lot of people try to credit that as the reason Tom also re-rewears his clothes. But anyone who has been following Tom Hiddleston for a long time knows that he has had a "uniform" since long before started to be on the paparazzi radar. 


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