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Avengers Promo in Moscow (2012)

April 17, 2012:

Moscow Tom, The Face that Launched 1,000 Memes! The Avengers kicked off international promo at the Ritz Carlton in Moscow with Kevin Feige, Jeremy Renner, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, and Tom Hiddleston. The only major character missing was Chris Evans. 

Forget the Battle of New York, instead we have the Moscow Matchup. 

Tom also faced off against his brother

In the end it was all love though. Who wants a Hiddles Hug? 

The group then headed inside for a press conference. 

(9:20) What is your real life superpower? "My super power is that I can get an English breakfast hot on the plate at the same time. It's harder than people realize..."

(12:00) What music represents your character? "When I first played Loki in Thor, I was inspired by the very, very angry music of Prodigy if anybody knows that. It's like grungy, 90s dance music. For some reason it worked for me."

(15:15) Which Avenger is the coolest? (Chris interjects: "your brother!") "They're all amazing, aren't they? They all have different superpowers. Everybody is special in their own way..."

(16:22) I have no idea what the original question was. "We (Tom and Hemsworth) had a long time actually because we were both initially cast in Thor about six or seven months before we were due to shoot it and Kenneth Branagh, who directed that film, was very keen that we collate our research. We weren't just drawing from the Marvel comic books, we were drawing from Norse myths, and this incredible mythology that's been around for thousands of years. We did a lot. We tried to take the most interesting facets of the mythology and the most interesting facets of the comics and create these characters which were larger than life and three dimensional. What Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created is this extraordinary charisma in both of them but there's also an enormous emotional history that they have together. Which is also useful..."

(21:48) Would you rather be an actor, super hero, or a crazy assassin? "Oh, I definitely want to stay an actor. Loki is such a crazy cat. I want to be him for the rest of my life..."

(27:07) What are you looking forward to seeing in Moscow? "It's actually my second time in Moscow. I can here first five years ago and I performed in a theatre. I think the Pushkin Theatre at the Chekhov International Festival. I did some Shakespeare here. A very old fashioned thing. And I had a wonderful time because obviously the theatre culture in Russia is amazing. It's one of the riches and most diverse communities of actor in the world. I was stunned at how many theatres you have in this city. There are as many theatres on every street corner as there are cinemas in London. It's amazing. And I had a really, really good time... I remember finding it very difficult to find a banana on the way to the theatre. That's my memory of it. I have a huge affection for Moscow, they were very kind to us."

The final stop of the day was at the Oktyabr Cinema for the Russian premiere of Avengers.  

On the red carpet Tom was asked if it was hard to play a bad guy when he is such a nice guy: "It's interesting because he's very psychologically complex. What always attracts me about playing characters is their complexity. It is hard after a long day because of their negative emotions. And negative emotions are strange because they really drain you of your energy. Whereas if you're full of love and generosity they give you energy so it certainly taught me to make love and not war..."

On stage. 


With the exception of the Ariat Roper boots, it was all Armani for Tom Hiddleston in Moscow. Emporio Armani. 

Armani Jeans. 

Giorgio Armani. 


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