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High-Rise Promo in NYC (2016)

April 20, 2016: 

Tom Hiddleston took a break from promoting The Night Manager to introduce his new film High-Rise to American audiences ahead of its April 28th release date. As with all things - the film had already premiered in the UK. 

Tom joined his co-stars Sienna Miller and Luke Evans for a brief interview on The Today ShowOn Wednesdays We Wear Blue. They talk about the chaos on and off set, dance offs, and watching real autopsies. You can watch the video here.

Ben Wheatley then joined the group with a Q&A session with on AOL Build. 

(4:30) How did you get involved in High-Rise? "I was a huge Ben Wheatley fan if I'm honest. ... the three films I'd seen at the point were Kill List, Sightseers, and A Field in England. I hadn't yet seen Down Terrace but I did see it after we met. I'd made a film with Jeremy Thomas (producer) called Only Lovers Left Alive - made by Jim Jarmusch - and I had a very good relationship with Jeremy. He's sent me the script and it was very exciting that Ben was attached to it. The combination of Ben's taste and Ballard's sensibility was intoxicating. To me it seemed incredibly provocative and the script written by Amy Jump - who always works with Ben - was brilliant and insightful. And it seemed like a perfect experience..."

(17:10) Does getting a script where you can completely go wild and crazy excite you? "Yes, entirely yes! That was the thrill of it I think. And Ben created such an amazing atmosphere ... the requirement as an actor is to have no inhibitions and to yield to those instincts. It's very, very exciting. There's lots of party scenes that get out of hand and of course you have to start with a party scene which actually feels hugely fun before it gets out of hand..." 

(17:52) The paint can moment was very funny. "That was a very intense day. We did that in one take... Supplies are low in the High-Rise and different residents are competing for different bits of the last stuff in the supermarket, and there's a big old fight... Ben was very keen, and rightly, that it should feel as scrappy as a real fight. It shouldn't look choreographed, it shouldn't look like a superhero fight, it shouldn't look like a piece of cinematic action, it should look rough and nasty..."

(22:20) What character that you've played have you related to the most? At first Tom jokes about Loki "...but truly I would say that everyone I've ever played - including Loki - is a version of me. Not the tyrannical aspect of it... You're having to extend yourself into circumstances that you haven't experienced but they're still your own emotions that you're exploring. So, I don't know - they're all me and they're not me at the same time."

(25:10) Do you have any future stage plans in New York? "Yes. Theatre is a huge love and it's on the bucket list. I would love to be in the theatre here. So watch this space..."

I was at the AOL Build event. If any watching the video was thinking that those "fans" were a little too polished asking questions - it's because they weren't actually fans, they were staffers in the audience. This is the only time I've ever seen that at AOL Build so I have no idea why they did it... I could take a guess tho... 

After a quick change it was time for the US premiere of High-Rise at the Tribeca Film Festival. 

This was Tom's second time and second project at Tribeca in less than a week, after taking part in the Tribeca Tune In for The Night Manager on April 15th. 

... and because no visit to NYC is complete without a trip to the Boom Boom Room. The men finished out their night with an after party hosted by EFFEN Vodka. 


For his morning promo. Tom Hiddleston wore the Ralph Lauren Serge Suit ($1,995). We saw more less of this suit in W Magazine.

For the Tribeca premiere - Tom turned up in a designer that he has never worn to an event before, Dolce & Gabbana. While we can all agree that this oxblood three-piece looked gggoooooooodddd, I have to admit that this is definitely the ugliest tie Tom Hiddleston has ever worn. Perhaps the ugliest tie anyone in history has ever worn. 


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