Thursday, September 5, 2019

Betrayal Broadway Press Night (2019)

September 5, 2019: 

**This post is solely about the Betrayal Broadway Press Night. You can read about the play here

🎵If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere. It's up to you New York, York.🎵 (Thanks Frank). After three weeks of previews, Betrayal Broadway had it's opening night at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre in New York City. This night had a little extra sprinkle of pixie dust because it marked the official Broadway debut for actors Tom Hiddleston, Zawe Ashton, Charlie Cox, and Eddie Arnold, and director Jamie Lloyd.

The cast didn't show any signs of nervousness beforehand. Tom shared a picture of their infamous Big Booty warmup. 

Some of the famous Broadway faces and celebrities to walk the red carpet included Lena Dunham, Joel Grey, Brandon Dixon, and Conrad Ricamora.  

Bee Carrozzini was also there with her mother, Anna Wintour. Bee was instrumental in the play transferring from London to Broadway. She is given a special thanks in the playbill.  

Take a bow! 

Here are some early reviews
  • New York Stage Review ★★★★★: 
  • Deadline: "As the stage revolves and shuttles them to and fro, giving visual force to Pinter's movement of these characters each through the others' lives, Lloyd expertly focuses our attention of the performances. Aching, wistful, and wounding, the director's stage of Betrayal presents three friends and lovers trapped in an undoing of their own making, their inevitable self-destruction no less powerful for showing itself before the happier days." 
  • Time Out New York: "At the performance I attended, Hiddleston's icy facade cracking-during the scene in which he discovers his wife's adultery-to release a physical outpourig of fluid so profuse that it seemed like a magic trick, as though the actor had swiftly turned on and off a faucet that was hidden in his face."
  • amNY: "...the performances represent an ensemble triumph, with Hiddleston's bitterness, Cox's softness and Ashton's restlessness working off each other to produce unrelenting tension and dynamic results. If you have never seen a production of a Pinter play out of concern that it would be too strange or confusing, this is the one to see..." 

Also, if you are attending the play - Please. Remember. To. Turn. Your. Phone. Off. This play is too cerebral, too nuanced. One stupid ringtone can ruin the entire experience for both the actors and the audience. Something this reviewer for the Chicago Tribune had to find out the hard way. 

....and onto the after party. All I can say is - Tom Hiddleston is worth it, worked, put the thing down, flipped it, and reversed it. (© tender_buttons). I finally understand the next line of that song because "ti esrever dna ti pilp, nwod gnith ym tup" is the best way to describe that sound I made looking at that suit.  

The press night after party was held at THE POOL, a seafood restaurant that does not actually contain a pool. It also doesn't serve melon and/or Corvo Bianco which I feel is a missed opportunity all around here... but it does provide a beautiful backdrop. 

Tom is wearing the Ralph Lauren Gregory Windowpane Suit ($6,995!!!!!) and Silk Dot tie ($195). 

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