Monday, September 16, 2019

Late Show with Stephen Colbert (2019)

September 16, 2019: 

After showing off his English Countryside in 2015 and a Soulful Duet in 2016, Tom Hiddleston returned to the Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote Betrayal Broadway. In the run up to Tom's appearance, the show shared this motivational gem on their Instagram

"Never stop. 
Never stop fighting. 
Never stop dreaming." 

I feel like that quote has been around so long that no one even remembers when Tom originally said it. Thankfully I've got a PhD in Hiddles. Tom said this back in 2011 at the First Light Awards when he was asked what advice he would give aspiring young filmmakers. 

Colbert writer, Daniel Kibblesmith, shared the first glimpse of Tom at the studio. Mr. Kibblesmith has also written a new Loki comic series (which you can read more about on his website). 

Colbert Late Show shared another backstage video in their stories. 

You can the full interview below. My favorite moment is at 3:21 when the both start to quote Hamlet. 

Post Colbert- Tom headed to The American Theatre Wing's annual Gala, celebrating the legacy of Jonathan Larson and the Larson family. The theme of this year's event was #SayYesToArtists. The Gala raises money to support The Wing's programs, and champions new and diverse artists. This falls very much inline with Tom's work to make film and theatre more accessible to everyone. 

There's a nice gallery from the event on Zimbio

Earlier in the day, Tom and Zawe Ashton were on the WNYC. You can listen to their 20 minute radio interview here

  • (1:20) Tom talks about when he first read Betrayal and how he responded to it. 
  • (4:30) Zawe talks about the first time she read Pinter, and how she wanted to represent her character. 
  • (7:00) Tom talks about his aggressive stillness and they both talk about the impact of all the characters staying on stage for every scene. 
  • (15:30) They talk about the Pinter Pauses and Silences. [Zawe jokes about the time a mobile phone went off in the audience.]
  • (20:00) Is it different performing with American audiences? 


Reporting live from the future. Tom Hiddleston is wearing straight-from-the-runway Ralph Lauren Purple Label Spring 2020. 

I had to go nearly as far back into history to find a time when Tom Hiddleston did dark on dark to an event. I vaguely recall saying this suit was made for sinning and I continue to stand by that statement. 

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