Thursday, October 3, 2019

New York Comic Con (2019)

October 3-4, 2019: 

HiddlesCon returns! Tom Hiddleston was a late-addition to the New York Comic Con Thursday and Friday line-up. Thursday and Friday are generally the slower days in Con-land but NYCC brought out the big guns this year with Tom, Paul Rudd, Ryan Reynolds, and more. 

Tom previously attended NYCC in 2011 with The Avengers. New York Comic Con will always have a special place in Hiddles-lore thanks to one very important twitter tweet

It also gave us this gem. We feel you Chris. 

There are no panels scheduled this time around but Tom Hiddleston's schedule this week is still bananas. He's doing six straight hours of photo-ops and autographs, just to immediately head across town to perform for hundreds more fans in Betrayal Broadway. 

Here's a look at Tom's Thursday and Friday schedules. 

And his Betrayal Broadway schedule for the week. 

Tom just took a DNA test. Turns out he's 100%... not human. 

We didn't get a twitter tweet but Tom did post to Instagram from backstage at Betrayal Broadway. Even after meeting hundreds of fans at NYCC, Tom still went out in the freezing cold and pouring rain to meet more fans at the Stage Door. I don't think it's been said enough so I'll say it again - and again for the people in the back - there's not a single actor out there who does more for his fans.

Here's our picture: 

Hiddles FC! In keeping with the tradition of showing love to some of Tom's lesser known work (*cough* I Saw the Light *cough*). Me and the minion decided to rep Early Man for our photo op. Early Man is my minion's favorite movie. He can quote every line by heart. He has the Early Man soccer ball. He has the Early Man posters. He even joined a soccer team. We go hard for Early Man at the Hiddlesfashion household. 

brb crying because of how big my not-so-little man has gotten. How was Wizard World only three years ago? He can fit into the shirt that I was wearing now. 

*I will say that the staff at NYCC are amazing. They are very helpful and patient. NYCC does have a lot of accessible features for people with mobility issues and health conditions...but it is not a very fun place to be if you have vision issues. We spent 95% of our time there just trying to figure out where something was. We finally gave up and just went back home.


Zimbio gave us a good individual look at the Hiddleston Home Kit. 

I've had a lot of questions about the boots. I spoke with the Aquatalia team. Unfortunately, as of now they have no current plans to put the ACE boot back into production. Also, even though it's the same style shoe, it's not the same physical shoe. There have been many different shoes. Just as there has been many different blue jumpers/sweaters and jeans. 

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